The List of Fifty

The List of Fifty started in high school.  A motivational speaker came to my school when I was in the 10th grade.  He inspired me to start a list of things I’d like to accomplish in my life.  So I did.  The “list” started as fifty things, but my twist was that everytime I checked one off, I had to add another, so that the list was always fifty.  Some things lean to the mundane (Try Skiing), some are lofty (Go to Space), some just plain time consuming (Go to Every State).  On this page you can see my progress!  But it’s currently under construction…forever!  I still have any number of things to add both done and still yet to do!  It’s a start though…

In no particular order:

  • Meet Magic Johnson (DONE – entry posted 2/21/06)
  • Host, or be on, a radio show – (FAILED, so far – entry posted on 2/22/06)
  • Fly a plane – (DONE – entry posted 3/1/06)
  • Go whale watching – (sort of still pending, see entry “Fly a Plane” posted 3/1/06.  I still want to do the whale watching thing from a boat)
  • Go to space – (Still pending, see entry posted 3/9/06)
  • Sell a work of art (DONE – entry posted 3/26/06)
  • Drive the old Route 66 (Still pending, see entry “I Want a Teardrop Camper” posted 4/20/06)
  • Go to All the Continents – (6/7’ths completed.  Antarctica pending… – entry posted 5/26/06)
  • Ride an Elephant – (DONE – entry posted 8/30/06)
  • Go scuba diving – (DONE – no post on it yet!)
  • Get a radical new look – (DONE, but not done exactly like I intended yet – entry sort of posted 3/4/07)
  • Try rock, or at the very least, rock wall, climbing (Chickened out on rock wall climbing on RCCL cruise to Ensenada 9/21 – 9/24/07.  That fear of heights thing, you know….)
  • Go to all fifty states – (I am nearly there!  as of 12/07 I have only four states left…Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Alaska.  I really do need to do a “quick” roadtrip and knock off those three remaining contiguous states…)
  • Go canoeing – DONE (once in a shallow river in Wisconsin, and once in a traditional filipino canoe off the island of Bohol)
  • Get driver’s license – DONE (hey, I made this list before I was 16!)
  • Go on an African safari – DONE, sort of (Click HERE for post) in August, 2007.
  • Try snow skiing – DONE and didn’t like it.
  • Try water skiing – Also DONE and didn’t care much for it.
  • Go white water rafting – DONE (June 25, 2010)
  • Ride in the cab of a train locomotive – DONE (November, 2005 on THIS train!  Awesome.)
  • Go sky-diving – I wasn’t yet afraid of heights when I made the list.  I’m doubtful I’ll get to do this one!
  • Hike a glacier – I hope to knock this one off when I get to Alaska!
  • Climb a mountain – Colorado is full of 14’ers, some I hear are a pretty easy climb.  Hope to check this one off soon!
  • Go to Timbuktu – (DONE, spring 2011)
  • Get married – I am considering removing this from the list!  Hey, I added that one when I was first creating the list in the 10th grade.  Now it’s just a hope for someday, not something I’m assuming I can “achieve” just by putting my mind to it!
  • Have kids – see above!  And I’m getting pretty old now.  Maybe some day I’ll adopt, but I don’t want to give birth anymore.
  • Go fishing – DONE (deep sea AND fly!).
  • Snowmobiling (is THAT how that is spelled???)
  • Walk on the great wall of China – DONE, September 1982.
  • Have a book published – I have a number of books in progress, none even close to being ready for submission to a publisher.
  • Get skinny – Riiiiiiiiiight…..  😉
  • Meet Dan Quayle
  • Go on a sailing adventure – DONE, but not as I envisioned.  Did a weekend sailing thing with friends back in 2000 to Catalina island.  I’d still like to do a BIG sailing adventure.
  • Enjoy financial independence by 40 – DONE, pretty much anyway, by the grace, and through the generosity, of God.  It lasted briefly, until I made a bad financial decision by getting into a business arrangement with a relative and got taken…but it felt good enough so that I am working my way back again!  🙂
  • Learn to golf – Hmmmm.  I have golfed and own clubs, but have I truly learned how to play?  If you ever watch me golf, you’ll probably say, “Uhhhh, that’d be a big NO.”  I always forget that you can’t take a practice swing when you’re trying to hit the ball out of the sand trap!  🙂
  • Go to Machu Picchu – DONE.  Check out a few of the pics HERE.
  • Go to Cuba – DONE.  I put this one on the list originally because it was the only country at the time, at least that I was aware of, that Americans were not allowed to visit.  I never dreamed I’d actually get to go there.  But I did!  Will post more on the lovely people and country later, but here’s one opinion post I did on Cuba that you can check out.
  • Have a white Christmas – DONE Christmas of 2006.  It wasn’t even expected by the weather forecast!  I never dreamed when this was an original on the list that I’d get my white Christmas because I’d moved to Colorado!
  • Go to the annual Assateague to Chincoteaque pony swim and penning in Virginia
  • See the northern (or southern) lights
  • See a total solar eclipse
  • White Water Rafting in Class IV rapids

I still have so many things to add here, it’s ridiculous!  🙂  I should really spend some time getting this page up to date…maybe tomorrow!  🙂

In the meantime, check out Lady Luck’s “List of Twenty One” on her blog “A Curious State of Affairs.

22 responses to “The List of Fifty

  • sydney

    Hi, I’m going with teen missions to Tanzania this summer and I’ve been working hard to find out some of the verses I’ll need to memorize to get a head start. If you wouldn’t mind sharing some or all with me I’d really appreciate it.

  • Tracy

    I really like this concept!

  • Lady Luck

    I just love this idea – I hope you don’t mind but you’ve motivated me to have a go at my own list. Thanks.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Don’t mind at all! Hope you have as much fun with yours as I have with mine. And I’m reminded that I need to add more to this post. Still many things I’ve checked off to share, and many things that are still on the list to share as well!

  • Bay Area Bev

    You need to link your list so that we can just click on the date/location/event/whatever and go to read it. But, gee, guess that’d make the list 51, and we can’t have that!

    I keep meaning to take some time one day and do that. When I started to put the list on my blog I didn’t know how to do links, and I’ve never gone back to correct that once I became savvy! But it is on my “to do list”, if not on the list of fifty! Thanks for the reminder that I NEED to get that done! 🙂 — Lou

  • Julie

    I see you haven’t been white water rafting ever???? Okay, girl, put this down for this coming May before you leave, okay??? Or April if we have to, or September when you get back…this is the year!!!

  • Lou (Linda)

    You’ve got yourself a deal!

  • Muthu Natesan

    Hi this is Muthu from India. i am so impressed with this list that i am compiling my own now. Congrats for having done so many of the 50 things and all the best for the rest of them 🙂

  • nicholas

    Whoa! i didn’t know you went to Cuba. Did you go recently, or am I just a bad listener? I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba for the exact reasons you wrote. How did you get there? was it amazing? tell me about it! please!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hey Nicholas! I didn’t go to Cuba recently, it was back in the late 90’s. You’re not a bad listener! 🙂 I did one opinionated post on it here: One day I’ll write more as the Cubans are beautiful people and it was a wonderful adventure. AND I went with the permission of the treasury department (weird, but that is who says you can go or not) so I didn’t break any laws in the process.

  • Lindsay

    Awesome list! Weird coincidence that I came across this today, because I began my own list yesterday. I’m up to 25. I like your ideas here and I’ve borrowed some of them, along with the idea of always having 50 items. It means you always have something to look forward to. Very cool.

  • Lou (Linda)

    That IS a weird coincidence. I’d love to know which things you borrowed!

  • Lindsay

    You’ve even inspired me to put up my own version on my blog, here. Specifically, I borrowed (or similarly aspire to) whale watching, fly a plane, sell a work of art, visit all the continents, rock climbing, canoeing, driver’s license, skiing, skydiving, and write a book (though I’d just like to finish one… then I’ll worry about publishing :D).

    Sorry it took me so long to reply to your other comment!

  • Susan

    Hey there,
    My parents have a place on Chincoteague Island only 1/4 mile from the Pony Swim and directly across the bay from the Assateague Lighthouse. I’ve been going since I was wee little. Let me know if you ever get a chance to go. Their place is big, reasonable, has a deep water dock and is perfect spot to stay for the PPenning. We kayaked the swim a couple years ago and that is the way to go for sure!
    Love your list!! May start one of my own!!
    PS: We’re building our own Teardrop camper, that is how I stumbled onto your blog. :o) Check it out here…

  • Lou

    I for sure will let you know when I get the chance to get to the pony swim. Your parents place sounds like perfection.

    Yes, start a list! 🙂

  • Sharon

    I recently bought a book “Listography: Your Life in Lists” (as if I need a book to give me permission to do such a thing 😉 ) and find it remarkably therapeutic to get my life down so succinctly. The book is mostly about what you have done, read, watched, been etc. but I love it nonetheless. And now your list makes me want to grab a legal pad and go wild! Thank you for this!! 🙂

    Ps. I went sky-diving last year to mark the beginning of my 30’s…it was AWESOME!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Sharon, that’s a bang up way to start your 30’s! Way to go! Get out your legal pad and start working on your list (as if you need me to give you permission to do such a thing!) 🙂 I’ve never heard of this book, but it sounds like something I should have written! I’m a list maker, that’s for certain!

  • wonderlandhwy

    Perhaps you should erase “have kids” and replace with “eradicate disease”…. considering either way, it will be on the list for a long time. 🙂

    Or I could donate a child. j/k

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