“Chicken” – A Dice Game


I gave out a bunch of sets of six dice to different family groups this past Christmas.  I had intended to type up the rules to this game and include them with the dice, but I ran out of time.  I have been promising them the rules to the game since then!  I figured I could post the rules here so that YOU can play, too!  I learned this game from a friend of mine.  “Chicken” is similar to a number of dice games, the most popular is Farkel.  I think it’s a lot of fun and I hope you do as well…


Goal:  Reach 10,000 points, EXACTLY!!!

Requires:  Six dice, paper, writing instrument, and minimal arithmetic skills!  J


          5 = 50 points

          1 = 100 points

          Three of a kind in a single roll = 100 X that number (for example:  3 – 2s = 200, 3 – 5s = 500, etc.).  If you roll another of the same number in that same roll, add another 100 points. The exception to this rule is three 1s in a single roll = 1,000 points.  (A fourth one still adds 100 points).

          Five of a kind in a single roll = 1,500 points

          Six of a kind in a single roll = 2,500 points

          Two sets of three (triplet) in a single roll = 1,200 points

          Three pairs in a single roll = 1,200 points

          Straight (1,2,3,4,5,6) in a single roll = 2,000 points


          To start your turn, roll all six dice.  Look for counters in your roll.  Keep any or all counters you wish.  If you haven’t rolled any, that is the end of your turn.  You are not required to keep all counters rolled, but you must keep at least one counter from each roll in order to be able to roll again.  (You must accumulate 350 points before you can start to keep track of your score.)

          You must either keep all the counters and end your turn, or reroll to continue your turn, rolling the counters you choose not to keep and any non-counters.  You may not pick some counters and leave the rest without rerolling.

          If you roll again to continue your turn, and you do NOT roll any counters, your turn ends and you lose all the points you rolled in that turn.  If ALL your dice in your roll are counters that you keep, you may choose to continue to roll and you will roll all six dice.  But you don’t HAVE to keep rolling.

          You may choose to stop rolling at any time.  You may, however, be called a “chicken” for doing so.  If you choose to stop rolling, you take all points accumulated so far in addition to any points you have for counters still on the table.   If you continue to roll, you take the chance at losing your points if you do not roll at least one counter.

          To win, you must end your game with exactly 10,000 points.  If you go over, you lose the points in that turn and your turn is over.-

          You are not required to keep all the counters you roll, even in your final attempt to reach 10,000, but you cannot leave any counters on the table!  (If you are trying to roll 200 points, but you roll 250 points worth of counters, you have gone over if you take all the points.  You MAY, however, pick up only part of those points and reroll the remaining dice in hopes of trying to roll exactly what is needed on the subsequent roll).

Helpful hints:  remember that you can use some rolls creatively.  For example, if you roll 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3 you could use that as a four of a kind and take 300 and roll the remaining two dice, OR you could take it as three pairs, take 1,200 points, and roll ALL the dice.  Doing this gives you more points, and a greater chance at rolling more counters in the next roll!  If you are close to your 10,000 point mark and 1,200 would put you over 10,000, it would be better to take the 300!  Be creative!

Don’t be a chicken!  🙂


Here is a link to the Wikipedia version of the game called Dice 10000

Here is a link to the Tankards Aweigh version of the game called Six Dice

Here is a link to another blog where the rules for Farkel are explained


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9 responses to ““Chicken” – A Dice Game

  • Pamela

    Thank you for publishing the rules! I remember this card game when I was a girl, and my children are old enough now to learn. I found my old dice and the instructions…which ended up just to be how the counter were totalled. I remembered some rules, but not all.

    Thanks again.

  • Larry

    Ok, I am crosseyed. Oh yeah! you said we needed minimal math scores.. Oops!

  • ys

    how long does an average game of “chicken” lasts?

    I have played games that lasted fifteen minutes and some that lasted much longer. It depends on how many players are playing how many points you decide to play for. Play for less points and you can have a shorter game. Have fun! — Lou

  • Jr

    Thank you for these rules I played this when i was little with family and family friends we lost the the rules i tryed several site over the year but could not find it tell now thank you very much

  • Lou (Linda)

    Well, you are most welcome!!! It’s too fun a game to lose the rules forever!! 🙂

  • spatulahandle

    My grandma and grandpa played that game and taught the entire family how to play, except they called it “Blew it”. We loved that game.

  • beaton

    Wow…who knew that there were rules! I play a version of this that we in Georgia like to call “Jail dice”. The rules are similar, except we play with 5 dice.

    Thanks for publishing this!

  • cb

    I remember my grandfather playing this with friends when I was quite young. Can you explain which dice are considered counters? Thanks for this!!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Anything that you keep that “counts” (or scores points) are counters.

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