I’ve Been To Cuba..

and Michael Moore, it AIN’T the place to go for top notch medical care.  You and those 9/11 rescue workers aren’t going to Cuba to try to get treatment that can’t be obtained in America.  You don’t really think I believe that you are going down there to make this little shockumentary to bring to light the problems of the American healthcare system.  You’ll fool a lot of people though.  But I bet if you ever come down with some sort of esoteric and obscure illness that you won’t be on the first boat to Cuba to get treatment.  No sir. 

I went on a medical mission and worked with a group of American surgeons and allied health care workers in the best hospital in Cuba.  They sterilised and reused urinary catheters until they fell apart.  They reused absolutely everything, even washed and reused surgical sponges.  Our team had to fix their sterilisation units as they were not working well and DID not adequately sterilise anything.  Their OR suites were not negative pressure ventilated.  Nurses were not pro-active.  They simply followed WHATEVER the doctors told them without question.  Physicians had weekend jobs as waiters as the pay as a physician is so poor that they need to augment their income.  The formulary of the pharmacy was so limited that we had to bring down our own antibiotics and pain medications and even ASPIRIN.  And there’s no such thing as a malpractice suit down there (and Michael, there aren’t malpractice suits NOT because there isn’t malpractice…it’s just not an avenue that’s available to Cubans who have been injured at the hands of physicians…)

Michael Moore is a shameless seeker of self-aggrandisement.  And he is a disengenuine misrepresenter and twister of facts.  Sure, he’s mildly amusing, but basically he is a talentless schlub who probably got teased beyond what he was able to handle when he was young.  And now he’s trying to get back at the kind of people he was, and still is, envious of.  And for some reason, he hates America and most Americans.

Cubans die trying to get TO America for things LIKE our healthcare system (despite its problems).  You don’t see Americans dying in capsized tin boats trying to get to Cuba for medical treatment.

Our healthcare system is not perfect, but to take a group of people and sneak into Cuba, FOR HEALTH CARE, is just a blatant attempt to further his personal agenda.  Period.  Going to Cuba to get the best healthcare available is like going to North Korea for religious freedom.  As a person who has experienced the best of the Cuban healthcare system first hand, I almost can’t wait for MM’s new movie “Sicko” to come out just so I can appreciate just how fully MM has lost his mind.

Michael Moore….Give me a break. 


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7 responses to “I’ve Been To Cuba..

  • Larry

    Hello! There is a sucker born every minute and Michael Moore is very good at roping them in. He may be in some legal trouble for going over there.


  • Lou (Linda)

    Yes, he is good at roping ’em in, isn’t he! I’m sure he’s just hoping that the treasury department goes after him…proof of conspiracy, I’m sure! NOT. 🙂

  • mike

    It sounds like that part of the movie is bogus. But I liked “Farenheit 9/11” and much of “Bowling for Columbine”. The gov’t has also been disingenuous about so much. At least Michael Moore isn’t towing their line like NBC and The WAshington Post. At least he’s asking different questions. And of course he wants attention…wouldnt it be weird if he didn’t? And I heard he does go after insurance companies in the movie, and lets face it… they are truly greedy.

  • Bruce Small

    You said to leave a comment to validate your efforts, so I will. I enjoyed visiting your blog, and I appreciate the work you do.

    ps The Catalina crossing story was well written, and scary, but not as scary as the bike helmet photos.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Mike, yes, MM IS asking different questions, but is he asking good questions? And is he asking them in a productive way? I don’t think so. And who is greedier? A company whose business it is to make money by providing health care to as many people as possible, or is it the consumer who wants unlimited access to very expensive healthcare for $187 a month??? I daresay it’s the something for nothing crowd, the entitleist crowd, who are the greediest.

    Bruce, thanks for visiting my blog and validating my efforts! And happy anniversary to you and Vicki!

  • Adam

    I have never been to Cuba so I cannot comment from personal experience on what the healthcare situation is like there. But I did live and work for six years in Germany where I was covered under the State Health Care system. I had a choice of insurance providers. I could go to any doctor I wanted. I never had to wait more than, say, 45 min. to see a physician. I always got fine medical and dental care. I believe they now have a two-tier system, where EVERYBODY gets good basic coverage no matter what, and nobody is left without insurance. If you happen to make a lot of money and can afford state-of-the-art care, there’s an avenue for research to pay for the higher cost. I’m no expert in this (I left in 1997). But that’s my understanding of the German system in a nutshell. It seems pretty good to me, and I’m disappointed that Moore didn’t choose to show that in his film.

    Adam, thank you for sharing your personal experience with socialized medicine. I, too, am disappointed that Moore did not investigate a legitimate socialized medicine system, as exists in Germany. It only proves the point that his movie was not about getting to real truth, but to be sensational.

    The problem with socialized medicine in America is primarly two-fold. One, we do not have a stable population as is present in much of Western Europe. Our population is steadily growing and cannot support a socialized system. Secondly, while a two tier system is far superior to a one tier system, it also would not be embraced as it is inherently “unfair” and will be strived against by the left. The left wants everyone to have equal access regardless of the cost. Our American community cannot survive a socialist system. — Lou

  • John

    Geez Lou… you actually had me there for a second. I too have been to Cuba and I also realize that Cuba has a poor infrastructure and lacks the equipment needed to provide top notch treatment… you were making a very good point (though somewhat misrepresented only because of the economic situation of the country… which does not reflect on the skills of the caregivers). And then… this…

    “…but basically he is a talentless schlub who probably got teased beyond what he was able to handle when he was young…. And for some reason, he hates America and most Americans.”

    Wow… what happened? Why did the inner four-year old in you take over? It’s very difficult for someone like myself (maybe you’re not trying to reach someone like me) to take a person like you at all seriously when you write such infantile drivel.

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