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This One is For Karine

Okay, so my nephew e-mailed me today and asked me a favor.  He apparently recently ran into a woman named Karine (spelling is in question…afterall it IS my nephew we’re talking about) who wanted the information on the Los Angeles regional robotics competition.  Richard asked me to send the info to Karine as he didn’t have her info BUT she reads my blog.  I can’t find a Karine as ever having left a comment (thus providing me with an e-mail address) SO I am posting that information here, in a post, for Karine, and anyone else who would like to go and support the Beach Bot/Team 330.  (I have added a permanent link to my nephew’s blog in my blogroll).

The competition is March 13th and 14th at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Gee, I wish I could go…

The Beach Bot Update

My nephew Richard’s robotics team took second in their division, and 8th overall in the FIRST nationals in last week’s competition in Atlanta.  Not bad for a little team of homeschooled kids from the beach cities of Los Angeles!

Congrats team 330!  Well done!

It’s Robot Time Again!

My nephew Richard’s robotics team has earned their way into the big national FIRST competition in Atlanta again this year!  Way to go Beach Bots!  The team left for Georgia this morning, the competition starts tomorrow.  I hope to catch some of the coverage on the live NASA feed on Friday and Saturday.  Click HERE to check out the NASA TV schedule.  I have no idea what the challenge is this year, but am excited to see just how the robot that the Bots created has risen to it!  Word on the street is they have another real potential winner on their hands!

Good luck Bots, and special shout out to Richard and Dakota!

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