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Unpaid Product Endorsement – Skechers Go Walk Slip-Ons

I was on a search.  I needed a pair of shoes.

I was looking for a pair of shoes that had to perform very specific functions and meet specific criteria.  I was going to be traveling and backpacking in Africa for three weeks and I needed a pair of shoes that were 1) extremely lightweight, 2) very durable, 3) had at least decent, if not good, arch support, 4) would be easy on easy off, 5) could be folded up to pack, 6) would double as water shoes, 7) because of reason 6 would need to dry quickly, 8) would be easily hand washed, and finally 9) were fully enclosed, and 10) could be worn with the back folded down like a slipper.  Plus, if they could be not ugly, possibly even cute, that would be my bonus.

A pretty daunting list of requirements for a pair of shoes, no?  I couldn’t find anything remotely close.  I’d pretty much resigned myself to needing to take multiple pairs of shoes, which I was loathe to do.  I really only wanted to take this elusive pair, plus a pair of flip flops.

Sort of desperate, I decided to drop into a Famous Footwear store that I happened to be driving past the day before I was to leave on my trip.

When I listed these things off to the salesperson she immediately took me to these shoes. I tried a pair on and couldn’t believe there was actually a shoe that appeared to fulfill every single one of my criteria.  I put these shoes through their paces in my three week trip.  They were awesome. And though they are a just little worn looking, they still look good enough to wear in my work as a nurse.  And, as a totally unexpected bonus, despite wearing them non-stop day and night at times, and without socks, they did not get smelly!!!  I will be buying additional pairs of these shoes in more colors as I fear they will not be an ongoing style in Skechers line-up.

I give you…….Skechers Go Walk Slip-Ons:

Available at shoe stores I suppose everywhere, and on amazon.com as well.  Here’s a link to google images for them.  Look at all the wonderful color choices!!!!!


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