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Send in the Marines

I have a problem with this.  Using Marines in full dress uniform to hold umbrellas?  WHAT??  Have other presidents done this?  Probably, I don’t know.  But it needs to never happen again.  It is, after all, at the very least, against their protocol to hold umbrellas.  To me it just smells like O acting like a Czar, or an Emporer/Dear Leader, enlisting whatever peasant happened by to do his whim.  No thought to the protocol, or the pride, of these magnificent Marines.

Seriously, what were Obama and Erdoğan doing with their own hands that they couldn’t have hoisted their own umbrellas?  It would have been a really awesome thing if Obama had grabbed an umbrella and held it over Erdoğan, but there’s a part of me that just doesn’t think Obama has a paradigm for servanthood.   He certainly has a strange (and dangerous, as seen in the Benghazi disaster) approach to being a commander-in-chief.

So much ugh-worthiness from this administration this week.  But of all the scandalous things the O-ministration is up to these days, this awkward event spoke the most to me about Obama’s general attitude towards this country.

This country is in big trouble.  You do realize that, don’t you??

All men are created equal, but some men are more equal than others.


“Obama’s fools …

“Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.”

~  Xavier Lerma, PRAVDA

What Happens If The Election is a Tie??

Think a Romney-Biden administration can’t happen??

Think again!

Here are some outcome scenarios you may not have given a thought to…

VOLT (Rhymes With Dolt)

I like to think of the Chevy Volt as one of the clearest examples of what is wrong with the Obama presidency.  In order to pay for this car that very few people want, Obama has put the taxpayer on the hook no less than four times for this unpopular vehicle.  Here’s how:

1)  Obama gave the company LG Chem $150 million of your and my money in the form of a GRANT (read “free to them”) to manufacture the batteries for the Volt.  Seriously, you have to read THIS about what an abject failure the plant is because of lack of demand for the Volt.

2)  It costs, what, a million bucks (hyperbole, folks, hyperbole) to built one of those toaster ovens?  They are being sold and leased tremendously under cost (sold at a little over half the cost of what it costs to manufacture it, leased at outrageously low cost), each one at a huge loss to GM.  The loss (negative profit) created on each of these vehicles is then spread out over the purchase price of the other vehicles that most people actually WANT to buy.  Not only is the cost of their new vehicle now more than it would have been, they have to pay more taxes on the increased cost of the vehicle.  HERE is a nice article dissecting the math for us…

3)  The Pentagon is buying the Volt to prop up the miserable sales.  I’m sure they’re being forced to in an effort to green up the military, as well as to help the Volt not look like the taxpayer funded Obama debacle that it is.  Does it come in camouflage?  Where does the Pentagon’s money come from?  Yes, dear fellow taxpayer…from your wallet.

4)  When purchased, the Volt comes with a $7,500 tax credit!  Money taken right out of the treasury in order to bribe someone to buy a car that is worth twice what they are going to pay for it.  ARGHHHH!!!

And there’s still the matter of the bailout that GM received from We The People.  Technically they have paid back the bailout money, as was outlined in the agreement.  But even though they have met the terms of the agreement, the stock that was used to pay a large amount of the bailout money back isn’t worth enough to equal the money given to them.  So technically, the Volt has cost us FOUR times at least.  You can read about that HERE.

I think that if I thought about it long enough, I could come up with half a dozen less direct ways this car costs us, but I will stop at four/five.

In whose universe is this good policy and a good way to spend our hard earned tax dollars (rhetorical non-question).  For shame.

FORWARD With Obama…

For those who don’t think Obama is steering this nation straight into socialism (on onto the path toward communism), you might want to take another look at what he has already accomplished.

In his own words…

For those who think “he doesn’t know what he’s doing”, you are wrong.  He knows EXACTLY what he is doing.  Stop calling him an idiot.  He’s brilliant.  He is calculating and manipulative, and a masterful truth twister.  And he’s a shameless liar.

He is NOT a failed president!!!!  As president, he has made great strides towards his goal…his goal being to fundamentally change America.  He has been greatly successful in his promise to do this!  He’s doing EXACTLY what he was voted in to do…he is implementing his agenda by every means possible.

The question is not “is Obama good for America?”.  Because if you believe in what Obama is doing then of course, you believe he is.  And if you are that person, this is not a plea to your sensibilities.  You think he’s awesome and doing great things.  And you’re smart and have thought it through and know what it is that you want.  I get that.  This post is for those who maybe aren’t so sure.  The question for those people is this…is this REALLY what you want for America?  If it is, vote for the guy and enjoy what he’s gonna do to you.  Not FOR you, because SOCIALISM and communism DO NOT WORK…and in the end, the ones in charge politically are the only ones who “succeed”…because they, like everyone else don’t have their own success, but unlike you, they have YOURS.  That is what the “shared success” we keep hearing about truly is.  You share your success with those in charge and their protégés, and with those in their lines of patronage.

If you believe that life isn’t fair, join the club.  It’s not.  But do you really think that it’s not YOUR job to help level the playing field?  It is, you know. It’s YOUR job and it’s MY job to rescue orphans and to feed the hungry and to care for widows.  It’s the responsibility of INDIVIDUALS to help each other.  Is that a responsibility you want to abdicate even more to the government and to bureaucrats?

If you have a little nagging voice in the back of your head that makes you question if you made, and continue to make, the right decision in supporting Obama, I think you need to listen to that little voice.  If you think at all that maybe he’s bringing something to America that isn’t at all what America is about, you need to listen to that voice.  Later, if you decide that what he’s all about is what you truly want, you can move things in that direction.  But once Obama gets a second term, it will be nearly impossible to return to what America once was.  Do you want America changed fundamentally even more?  Do you want an Obama who will have even “more flexibility” in doing what he wants in a second term???  He wants you to go forward with him, because he knows, he KNOWS, that if you do, there won’t be any going back.

Are you ready for that? Are you REALLY???


I’m Not a Heroin Addict (But I Need My Methadone!) ~ A Special Lou Rant

Recently, Dan Akerson, the CEO of General Motors, came up with the brilliant idea to “slap a 50-cent or a dollar tax on a gallon of gas.”

Seriously, Dan, what PLANET are you from?????

He APPARENTLY believes that doing this will magically lead to people buying more fuel efficient/electric cars.

Quick lesson for ya, DAN….

The people who are already having a hard time (or impossible time) stretching their budgets to absorb the current price of gasoline are NOT going to be able to go out and buy an expensive fuel efficient or electric car simply because the cost of gas goes up even more.

The people who CAN afford to buy a new fuel efficient or electric car probably already have done so and/OR THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT THE COST OF GASOLINE ANYWAY!  What does it matter if gas goes up a buck a gallon?  They can still pay the bills.

Doing something like this would only hurt those who are already hurting and you’re just, well, stupid, if you think this would actually be a positive move for Americans.  I don’t generally call people stupid, but this qualifies you, DAN, for the title.

Just sayin’.

P.S.  Where I live, electricity doesn’t just come from a nice clean outlet in my house, it comes from COAL, a carbon based energy source.  What’s the difference between burning coal or burning gas?  It’s a shell game, people.  It’s aaaaalll an illusion that some are selling, some are buying, and most are having crammed down their throats.

P.P.S.  The batteries in electric cars are lithium.  Where does lithium come from?  Well, there’s a single mine producing it in the United States, but the lithium extracted there is a small proprietary amount.  The U.S. reserves are small, and in decline.  Most lithium is found in Chile, Bolivia, China, and AFGHANISTAN (these Afghanistan deposits were fairly recently discovered and have not yet started to be mined).  Sooooo, we are being told to give up our addiction to foreign oil.  For what?  We’re gonna trade it for an addiction to foreign lithium (only the part about the foreign lithium is a secret).  It’s like the addict who gets off heroin by taking methadone, but then never gets off the methadone.  Now, since Bush was accused of invading Iraq for its oil, then I am going to feel free to accuse Obama of invading Afghanistan for its lithium, since access to a source for it fits nicely into his energy policy.  This may or may not be true.  But it’s certainly something to think about.  We are on the brink of jumping from the energy frying pan into the fire, and we’re doing it for no good reason at all.  Even if we find a massive new source of lithium in our country, any attempts to mine it would probably be blocked by the EPA, unions, the ACLU, and a thousand environmental groups of one ilk or another.  Come on, you know it’s true.  We’ll be importing all the lithium we use, and we’ll be importing it from some unsavory sources.

Why on EARTH are we not exploiting the rich petroleum reserves we have in our own country instead of playing these games??????  In theory it would be really nice if we could derive all of our energy needs from the sun, and the wind, and the waves.  But that is far in the future.  In the meantime, before America ends up on the trash heap of history, we should use what God and the earth placed under our feet.  At least we have oil here…what we DON’T have is a viable lithium reserve.



A Bit of Prognostication…

I’m peering into the future.

I’ve been thinking “now, why would Obama REALLY want to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility?”.  I really doubt it has anything to do with some high moral ground upon which he believes he’s standing.  I think he wants to close Gitmo because he wants to eventually close the whole naval base there, pack up, and leave.  Gitmo is just step one.

The United States holds an in perpetuity lease on the property, but I think Obama is planning on vacating the place entirely and tearing up the lease and he’ll probably do it as some big grand gesture while he apologizes for the imperialism and arrogance of his country.  He wants to lift the embargos and reopen all ties with Cuba but Cuba is not just going to say “yeah, sure, come on back and be our friend”.  They’re going to want something, and the base is the something they’ll want.

However, I believe that as part of the “deal”, some of those 30,000 or so acres will be set aside for American “investors” to get first shot at buying.  And those Americans who will be given the first shot will somehow be tied to Obama and the opportunity will be a quid pro quo in some way.

Mark my words.

P.S.  My last bit of prognostication was that Luis Caldera would take the fall for the NYC flyover debacle.  Like I said, no real fallout for the ridiculous stunt except for Luis Caldera being the patsy for it…a puppet on a string…

A Short Memory…

When I heard that there was a photo-op staged in New York city featuring a low altitude flyover by a jumbo jet being chased by an F-16 fighter jet, I thought “Surely, you jest, who’d do anything that stupid?”.

I saw the footage myself…one of the planes that serves as Air Force One flew low over the “ground zero” area of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  It was escorted by a fighter jet.  Immediately MY brain went to pictures of 9/11.  I cannot even IMAGINE what it must have made those who were there in New York when those planes flew in low over their city and slammed into the Twin Towers feel!!!

Did these administration people REALLY think this was a good idea?  Do they REMEMBER 9/11 and what it looked like for those on the ground in NYC and those watching TV?????

Mayor Bloomberg has the right to be furious.  All of NYC has the right to be furious.  They SHOULD be furious.  This was insensitive.  Uuncaring.  UNBELIEVABLE.  Good grief.  TRY PHOTOSHOPPING!  Don’t recreate the worst and most frightening event in our recent history in order to get a pretty picture.


Apparently Rahm Emanuel and Obama himself are upset about the decision to do this.  I don’t believe they are upset.  I don’t believe they didn’t know it was going to happen.  Obama is such a narcissist I simply don’t think it crossed his mind that this might be something that might be scary to other people.  All Obama had to say was that it was a “mistake” and that he was “in the dark”.  No apology.  Dude doesn’t think NYC deserves an apology for scaring the daylights out of them.  The guy who would take the fall (which there won’t be one, trust me) for this “mistake” is the Director of the White House Military Office, Louis Caldera.  This is a position which has always been held by active military.  While Caldera did serve in the armed forces, he’s a lawyer who most recently “served” as a California state lawmaker.  A super great patsy for Obama if he needed one, who I’m sure, controls him like a puppet on a string.

Honestly, I think this is Obama and his minions looking to see just how far they can go and not suffer any consequences.  It’s like a trial balloon, only a really freaking scary one.  More new memories, a gift from an administration whose memory is short…or is it?

Oh, and did I mention that this little stunt cost “us” between $300,000 and $400,000??  Yeah.  Nice.  Real nice.  Scare everyone nearly to death, and then charge them for the pleasure…

I Wasn’t Going To Say Anything…

but, okay, I changed my mind…

Obama has given another crappy gift.  This time to the Queen of England.  I was prepared to cut him some slack on the iPod gift.

HOWEVER, I just learned that before giving her the gift, he loaded it up with “footage” of him giving speeches.

This guy is a real narcissist!

And before you start telling me about the gift the queen gave to the Obamas (a picture of her and her husband in a silver frame) and how that must be narcissistic as well, know that this is the gift she gives all visiting dignitaries.  It’s a crappy gift, too, but it’s the same crappy gift for everyone…it’s what she does, and she’s the queen, so whatev.

I almost can’t wait to see what he does next!  When he meets with the “president” of Russia, might I suggest an autographed basketball?  (Yes, Virginia, signed by Obama, not some NBA player.)

Prime Minister Brown Gets a Crappy Gift

Recently England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown made his first state visit to the Obamas.  It is customary for gifts to be exchanged.  I remember the press having a field day over the bomber jacket that G.W. gave the normally very formally dressing head of state.  Not exactly something that he would wear, but come on, who in their heart of hearts doesn’t really want a fur-lined leather bomber jacket, even if it just hangs in the closet unworn?  I’d love it, and wear it.  It’s cool.  Not a gift I’d give a head of state though.  Bad gift number one.

But bad gift number one is probably looking pretty good these days!! 

For his first visit to the first black president of the United States, Prime Minister Brown clearly put a great deal of thought into the gifts he brought for the Obamas, and for their children.  The gift I believe shows the depth of his thought the most was an ornamental pen holder hewn from the timbers of the 19th century Royal Navy anti-slave ship HMS Gannet.  In 1909 the HMS Gannet was renamed HMS President.  A poignant and relevant gift all the way around.  There’s more though.  In the oval office sits a famous desk which was born out of the timbers of another famous ship, HMS Resolute.  The Resolute was a British ship which sank in the Arctic and was retrieved and returned to Queen Victoria by Rutherford Hayes.  The queen had the desk built from its timbers as a thank you.  PM Brown presented Barak Obama with the framed commission for the Resolute.  The Gannet and the Resolute were sister ships.  Man, he really knows how to gift a gift!  Oh, but he wasn’t done YET!  He also gave our newly minted president a first edition set of Sir Martin Gilbert’s biography on Winston Churchill.  Whew.  Those aren’t gifts you can run down to 7-11 and get on your way to the party. 

But he still wasn’t done.  Mr. and Mrs. Brown also brought gifts for the Obama girls. 

Sasha and Malia an outfit each from Topshop and six children’s books by British authors which are shortly to be published in America.

And what did President Obama give as a gift to the leader of the country who stands the strongest next to us?  He gave him bad gift number two.

A set of 25 DVDs.  Yeah.  DVDs.  As if the gift itself lacked thought, as a general rule, DVDs made in America don’t even work in UK DVD players.   I can only hope that at least whoever did the actual gift set purchasing realized this and purchased a set that would play in the players of that region.  Or maybe someone did their homework and found out that the Browns DVD players are all region players, but boy, do I doubt both of those scenarios…

And what did the Obamas get the Brown kids?  Replicas of Marine One helicopters.

Embarrassing at best.  Insulting at worst.  Either the Obamas put a great deal of thought into the gifts and thought they were appropriate….embarrassing.  Or they put a great deal of thought into the gifts and knew they were inappropriate and were intended to send a message…insulting.  I’m not sure there’s an in-between.  Unless they let some intern pick up the gifts which just shows the lack of interest the Obamas have in treating the leader of a country who has been our greatest ally and friend.  To me there’s just no good reason for these pathetic gifts.

The media in the UK is reportedly appalled.  They should be.

No gift at all would have been better than the ones that were presented.

Don’t Do It Hillary!!! Don’t Take That Job!

I don’t like Hillary Clinton, but I want her to stay in the senate.  I think we NEED her to stay in the senate.  I think she’d probably be a great Secretary of State, all things considered, but I think that Obama wants her out of the senate in order to neutralize her voice which is sure to be a dissenting one on many issues. 

In that she is one of the more hawkish Democrats, I’d like to have her stay in this possibly democratically super majoritized senate in order to offer that dissent.

If she joins the Obama cabinet, she will not only have to toe the party line, she’ll have to toe the Obama line, and I think that could be a negative for the nation.

Barack is playing the “keep your friends close…keep your enemies closer” card. 

If she joins that cabinet she’ll never be able to oppose Obama in 2012 and I think she needs to keep that option open because, while I hope and pray that Obama’s radical leftistness isn’t played out in full blossom, I’m afraid it will, and the democrats will need someone powerful, who has been voicing opposition all along, to get out of them mess we just might have gotten ourselves into with B.O.

Don’t do it Hillary…don’t take that job…

Who Said This?

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded (as…the nation’s military services).”

If you lived in a country with a leader who believed that a national governmental police force (read STATE POLICE) is an ideal and a goal to be achieved, you might be worried.  And you SHOULD be worried!  Would you elect someone into the highest political office who believed this?

We DO live that country and “we” DID elect a man who strives for this. 

These are President Elect Obama’s words, spoken on July 2nd of this year.

Click HERE to read an excellent commentary on this.

Thanks for the button…

I have a few collections.  (Okay, more than a few!)  I used to collect buttons when I was in my teens and twenties.  I had a load of them.  I got rid of all but the most interesting ones in one of my moves, but every once in awhile a button catches my attention and I’ll procure it.  Often this means asking the person who is wearing it if I may have it!  🙂  So, when I saw a link on Facebook to get a “free” Obama button from MoveOn.org, I figured I should send away for it.  Afterall, this IS one of the most interesting and historical elections I’ve experienced.  I am not voting for Obama, but wanted the button anyway.  So I followed the link and requested one.

I requested it using my blog’s e-mail address because I didn’t want a lot of Obama and MoveOn e-mail in my regular in-box. 

Want to see my bright new button?  Well, I’d love to show it to you, but here it is, nearly three weeks later and I still don’t have that button.  But apparently in requesting one I joined MoveOn.org!  No mention of THAT anywhere on the form.  There was a separate link to use for that.  And it seems that MoveOn.org has seen fit to sell my e-mail address to every possible person, corporation, and entity in the known universe, because I am positively flooded with e-mail to that address.

So, THANKS MoveOn.org.  Thanks for the button…


Barak Obama Wears a Kilt*

What’s the big fuss about the picture currently making big news of Obama wearing a traditional tribal outfit when he visited his father’s homeland of Kenya back in 2006?  It just happens to be a wrap around skirtlike garment and a turban.  So what?

If his white mother was from Scotland, and Barak had gone there for a visit and donned the family tartan, would we even be having this conversation?

Is the Clinton campagin behind the recent circulation of this picture?  If so, does she really think America is dumb enough to fall for her fear tactics?  Gee, there are pictures of me wearing a Mao hat I got in China.  I own a watch with a hammer and sickle on it that I bought in Russia.  I have a Che Guevara T-shirt I picked up in Cuba.  None of these things make me a communist any more than wearing a turban makes Obama a muslim extremist terrorist.

What do YOU think of his wearing this outfit and the current brouhaha?

(*Okay, he didn’t wear a kilt.)

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