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Way To Go, Bots!

Woo Hoo!


I had hoped to put a YouTube video here.  I videotaped some of the games using my camera and my computer.  However, when I played back what I had recorded, all the footage had both auditory and visual distortion!  It didn’t matter what application I played it back in, all of it sounded and looked the same.  I guess maybe NASA didn’t want people taping their webcasts, huh?  Ah well, here’s a still shot of the Beach Bot’s robot on the field!  And it is scoring, by the way!

Welcome home Beach Bots and congratulations on being in a Final Four that I can truly appreciate!  J  Oh.  Get this.  Here it is just a few hours after the competition (I wrote this last night!) is over and I googled “Team 330” to see what would come up.  One of the top results was the Wikipedia entry for this year’s FIRST competition, “Rack ‘n’ Roll”.  It listed the Division Champs already!  That’s just crazy!  How’d Wikipedia DO THAT?   

The award that the Beach Bots won was the “General Motors Industrial Design Award”.  Pretty great.  Here is the FIRST official post event press release with all the results:  Click HERE to read.



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