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Romney’s “Goose Cooking” Vote Cast By Michael Moore Should Not Be Counted

From twitter earlier today:

Romney – you see this? This is me cooking your goose. In Michigan. Where the trees are used to make ballots to defeat upic.twitter.com/hxmvyUxA.

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This was the picture that was linked.  To make sure we knew just HOW MM was cooking that goose, this image was ALSO provided:

Are you supposed to tweet a picture of your ballot?  Not in Michigan, you’re not.

Act 116 of 1954

168.738 Voting; ballots; folding; deposit in ballot box; rejection for exposure.

Sec. 738.

(1) Before leaving the booth or voting compartment, the elector shall fold his or her ballot or each of the ballots so that no part of the face shall be exposed, and with the detachable corner on the outside. Upon leaving the booth, the elector shall at once deliver in public view the ballot or ballots to the inspector designated to receive the ballot or ballots. Except as provided in subsection (2), the inspector shall tear off the corner of the ballot, where perforated, containing the number and shall then in the presence of the elector and the board of inspectors deposit each ballot in the proper ballot box without opening the ballot.

(2) If an elector shows his or her ballot or any part of the ballot to any person other than a person lawfully assisting him or her in the preparation of the ballot or a minor child accompanying that elector in the booth or voting compartment under section 736a, after the ballot has been marked, to disclose any part of the face of the ballot, the ballot shall not be deposited in the ballot box, but shall be marked “rejected for exposure”, and shall be disposed of as are other rejected ballots. If an elector exposes his or her ballot, a note of the occurrence shall be entered on the poll list opposite his or her name and the elector shall not be allowed to vote at the election.
History: 1954, Act 116, Eff. June 1, 1955 ;– Am. 1996, Act 213, Imd. Eff. May 28, 1996
Popular Name: Election Code

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Apparently his ballot should be “rejected for exposure”.


What Happens If The Election is a Tie??

Think a Romney-Biden administration can’t happen??

Think again!

Here are some outcome scenarios you may not have given a thought to…

You Should Have To Take a Test…

…to be able to prove you know enough to be voting!

I’m not a fan of Howard Stern’s, but this bit is a good bit.  It’s clean, don’t worry!  🙂

While this is just a couple of everyday people on the street who unabashedly claim support of (both) presidential candidates, they clearly are uninformed on the most basic issues.  By extension, one must draw the conclusion that when it comes to the details and nuances of what the candidates believe and plan to do, they are completely ignorant of any facts.  My guess is it didn’t take too long to find enough uninformed voters for this piece.  I believe that uninformed voters will be voting en masse for both candidates in this election.  I can only hope that there is an uninformed voter on each side to cancel each other’s votes out!

I have to tell you that the “get out the vote” movements bother me.  If an American isn’t interested enough in the electoral process and in voting to get themselves registered and get out and vote on their own, I’m not sure I trust that they will then do the work necessary to vote as an informed voter.  If the only information they are basing their vote on is gleaned from TV commercials or MySpace ads, I think they should best stay home.  If you don’t even know who the running mate of your candidate is…well then, that’s just unacceptable.

Voting is a right.  Voting and knowing who and what you are voting for is a responsibility.

And when it comes to voter registration and voter fraud, why can’t we dunk our thumbs in purple ink so that you get one vote, one time?  It’ll be obvious if you’ve already voted.  I’ve seen this work quite well somewhere else….

I close by saying, on Tuesday go and vote, but please do so responsibly.

Thanks for the button…

I have a few collections.  (Okay, more than a few!)  I used to collect buttons when I was in my teens and twenties.  I had a load of them.  I got rid of all but the most interesting ones in one of my moves, but every once in awhile a button catches my attention and I’ll procure it.  Often this means asking the person who is wearing it if I may have it!  🙂  So, when I saw a link on Facebook to get a “free” Obama button from MoveOn.org, I figured I should send away for it.  Afterall, this IS one of the most interesting and historical elections I’ve experienced.  I am not voting for Obama, but wanted the button anyway.  So I followed the link and requested one.

I requested it using my blog’s e-mail address because I didn’t want a lot of Obama and MoveOn e-mail in my regular in-box. 

Want to see my bright new button?  Well, I’d love to show it to you, but here it is, nearly three weeks later and I still don’t have that button.  But apparently in requesting one I joined MoveOn.org!  No mention of THAT anywhere on the form.  There was a separate link to use for that.  And it seems that MoveOn.org has seen fit to sell my e-mail address to every possible person, corporation, and entity in the known universe, because I am positively flooded with e-mail to that address.

So, THANKS MoveOn.org.  Thanks for the button…


Hillary Plumbs My Depth

Okay!  Okay!  I admit it!  I AM SHALLOW!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t care much for politicians in general.  But my dislike for politicians in general is ECLIPSED by my specific dislike of Hillary Clinton.  My mother recently told me (for the bajillionth time because I keep forgetting the lesson) that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything.  Sorry Mom.  I’m going to say something not nice again.

I CANNOT stand the way that Hillary dresses.  CAN NOT stand it.  The woman needs to go on “What Not To Wear”, I’m tellinya.  Do her handlers and/or stylists hate her or something???  Or does she pick those outfits herself?? 

It’s not so much the horrible polyester looking pantsuits that she seems to have in every color found in a box of crayons. (Have you seen the powder blue suit???  The bubble gum pink one???  Shudder…)

It’s not so much the pumps with the one inch heels that she has in every color NOT found in a box of crayons.  Although I will say that if you are going to wear pumps, WEAR PUMPS!  I don’t trust a short woman who wears one inch heels.  It shows a lack of commitment.  🙂  I want a woman in power who wears boots with three inch stilletto heels.  Hey, that sounds like Condoleezza Rice, doesn’t it???.

It’s not so much that the jackets she wears are much too long for her build and stature, or the high collars, or the belts that cut her in half or the tapered legs on her slacks.  (None of these things flatters her body type or figure).

It’s not so much any of those things.  The thing that nearly puts me in the looney bin is that Hillary’s slacks are always AT LEAST two inches too short, often three or four!  I know!  I’m shallow!  I already admitted that.  I can’t help it!  (But don’t worry, I have lots of other “legitimate” reasons that I dislike her, it’s not JUST her sartorial shortcomings that I can’t get past).


There’s simply nothing right about this outfit.  But check out the hemline!

Wow.  These slacks must be four inches too short.  And LOOK!  They’ve been generously hemmed! 

These slacks appear to have been altered to be this short on PURPOSE!

Doesn’t she do the full length mirror thing before she leaves the house?  I mean, I bet she tells Bill if his tie is askew, or if his shoes are scuffed, or if his suit coat sleeves are too short.  This woman wants to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.  She should look like it. 

And no, I am not intimated by smart women.  I AM a smart woman.  She doesn’t intimidate me.  She bugs me.  She’s like one of those people who go on “American Idol” that has been told by well-meaning people all their lives that they can sing, only she’s been told she dresses well.  Someone needs to break it to her that when it comes to clothing “she can’t sing”.  (Maybe I should be feeling sorry for her.  Hmmmmm.  Or MAYBE there’s a strategy in that mess of a wardrobe???)

Stacy!  Clinton!  Give the woman a $5,000 VISA card and take her to New York for a week, PLEASE!

And just to prove that powerful women can (and should) dress the part…I give you, Condoleezza Rice!

Listen.  If a man that wanted to be president went out to official functions and public appearances wearing Sans-a-Belt slacks, or polyester jumpsuits, or dark socks with sandals, or madras plaid shorts and a tank top, or a tie with a dozen Disneyland characters pins pinned to it, I’d be writing about him!  (I’m not exactly fond of the bowtie look on politicians-or anyone, really-either, so watch out!)

Oh my.  I just realized that I started “Blah Blah Blog” in between presidential elections.  I hope that “ELECTION 2008” doesn’t get me going like “ELECTION 2004” did!   Well, if I find that things are getting out of hand, I’ll start a new blog, just for my politically based ravings.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!  I’d best start thinking up a name for my political blog, just in case! 

In the meantime, all of you, on BOTH sides of the aisle, ask someone you trust (hopefully someone with taste and style) if you should be wearing that!  Since I’m not super excited about any of the presidential candidates thus far, it just might come down to the better dressed candidate getting my vote!

That’d be sad.  Where have all the really good leaders gone?

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