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Rich White Men Urinate On Black Women…By Ed Asner

Replace “rich” with “Jew” and it’s a Nazi propaganda video.  Everything that is wrong in America is become of the rich.  Everything that was wrong in Germany was because of the Jews.  The parallels between these two propaganda are myriad.  This is so disturbing.  What on earth is this video even supposed to be used for?  SHAME on everyone involved in it.  Extra shame on Ed Asner.  How can even be involved with a project depicting a rich white man urinating on a middle class black woman.  UNBELIEVABLE.

I think I hear black helicopters.

12/06/12 Update:  The teachers union removed and edited the video to remove the portion where the white rich man urinates on the poor black people.  Good call.  But the rest of the video is just as bad.  They’ve reuploaded the edited version.  Bad call.  They should have quit while they were ahead.


Casual Care

I had been lookin’ for this!  Found it in a box of filing last weekend.  I LOVE this cartoon.  It cracks me up just because it’s so stupidly funny.  But I think the artist wasn’t just going for humor.  What do you think?  Was the artist just trying to be funny, or did he/she have something “bigger” to say?

Casual Care

“As you can see, we’ve transferred your husband from intensive to casual care.”

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