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Forever 39

My best friend, Connie, died a few months before her 40th birthday.  Today would have been her 47th birthday.

I think she would have disliked getting older, and eventually old.

She would have loved seeing her oldest son becoming homecoming king at his college, and having even more fun in college than she did.  She would have loved seeing her oldest daughter get married, and loved having a son-in-law.  She would have loved seeing her youngest son working along side her dad making and fixing stuff.  And she would have loved seeing her youngest daughter become the quintessential young lady.  She would have loved hearing her kids laugh together as nearly grown ups.  She would have loved looking forward to grandchildren.  She would have loved being able to celebrate all the wedding anniversaries she has missed.  I and her husband (my brother) have toasted to her with a bottle of Dom on their anniversary every year since she left.  She would have loved all that great champagne that I got drink instead.

But she would have hated having to wear reading glasses just to be able to read her watch.  She would have been frustrated with her hands losing strength and her fingers getting crooked and stiff.  She would have hated that sometimes hopping out of bed would be more like groaning and rolling out.  She would NOT have been on board with the whole “the spirit is willing, but the body is weak” thing that happens with age.  She would have not liked anything about aging that would have slowed her down.

She’s missed all that good stuff and will miss a lot more…but she has missed the bad stuff, too, including the creaky parts of aging.  I know that she is likely laughing at me wearing readers and pushing ever closer to 50 every time her birthday rolls around and she still gets to be 39…forever 39.


Happy Birthday, Connie

This is a day where we as Americans remember and honor those who have fought for us and our freedoms, and fought so that others could enjoy the same freedoms we do.  It is a day where I remember and honor them.  It also happens to be the birthday of my best friend and sister-in-law, Connie.  Today I remember and honor her as well.

Connie was as brave as any soldier and truer than all.

This is Connie’s fourth birthday away from us.  She would have been 43.  I liked it when she had her birthday because it meant that for a few short weeks, we were the same age and she couldn’t needle me about being older than her, which I was, by a little over 10 and a half months.

It’s really more like the fourth anniversary of her 39th birthday.  I’m way older than her now.  That probably delights her…


I miss her as much today as I think I ever have.

Happy Birthday, Julie!

Today is my cousin Julie’s birthday.  A few days ago we decided, should the weather permit, that we’d drive up to the summit of Pikes Peak.  Until recently I didn’t even know that there was a road up to the summit, but there is!  It’s called the Pikes Peak Highway.  Parts of it are a little hairy, but we made it to the top without incident.  This was my second time up to the summit.  Last time it was winter and we took the cog railroad up.  Very cool!  Next time up, I hike!

Click HERE to read about my last trip up to the summit and see a wicked cute picture of my nephew!  And HERE to see another picture of my niece, Alaska, from the same trip.

Here Julie and I are.  Taking the requisite touristy picture in front of the summit sign.

At the Summit by you.

From “down there”, those little red rocks in the middle of the right side of this photo are massive monoliths at the Garden of the Gods!  On a clear day, you CAN see forever!

Garden of the Gods, From 14,110 Feet! by you.

Weird looking railroad tracks, huh?  These are for the cog railway that goes from Manitou Springs to the summit.

Cog Railroad Tracks by you.

And of course, a foot picture.  We are facing west.  More of the Rockies off in the distance, and two lakes!

Two Feet at 14,110 Feet! by you.

We had planned on stopping at one of the rest areas/picnic areas/scenic overlooks to have a picnic lunch, but time was not our friend and so we ate in the car while driving back down the mountain in the lowest gear my car had to offer.  It’s such a steep drive that there’s even a mandatory brake check on the way down, and if your brakes are hot, you are off the road until they cool off!  Never seen that before!  AND on the way back down we actually got snowed on!  It was a perfectly clear, bright, and beautiful day, and out of nowhere, snow!  That’s why they warn you that the weather is unpredictable up there.  Unpredictable, indeed!

Happy Birthday, Julie!  For sure we’ll do this one again!  On foot next time!

And under the category of “ask, they can only say no” goes this one!  I told the ranger at the tollroad that Julie was only 12 and that it was her birthday, and could we get her in for the child’s fare…

And he did it!  Ask.  They can only say no!  🙂

Happy Birthday, Alaska! :-)

 A different kind of fifteen! 

 Hope you have a great birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Jonathan




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John On Jeopardy!!

A forever family friend of ours, John Goodreau, (since he is making himself public in what he’s doing, I am feeling free to use his last name), is going to be on Jeopardy tonight!

I sure hope that someone tapes (or Tivos or DVRs) the episode (and hopefully many subsequent episodes) for me so that I can see it!

GOOD LUCK, JOHN!  I know you’ll do well!  Represent!!  🙂

And I have another Happy Birthday send-out, too.  This time I’m wishing a happy one to my niece, Natalie!  Happy Birthday, Nan.  I love you and miss you and hope to see you soon…

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I took this picture last year when we went on a bird watching trip during Boot Camp.  It’s some sort of Heron.  I love this picture.  I’ll go on the bird watching tour again this summer, if they do it.  We saw evidence of eagles out in the preserve, but didn’t actually see any of the raptors.  I would like a second shot at that, and maybe I could capture on on film.  That’d be cool…

Happy ACTUAL 70th birthday, mom.  I’ll be thinking of you especially today…

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Water Lily

Every once in awhile I take a picture that really amazes me.  Other than brightening the photo, I did nothing else to it, and yet, it looks like a watercolor painting.  At least it does to me.

Click HERE if you want to see the unbrightened version. 

This lily was growing in the pond in my brother Phil’s backyard.

And I’d like to also present this flower to Doris on her 80th birthday!!!  Happy Birthday, Doris!!!

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Lots Happened Today!

Today was a busy day!  Today was my big brother’s birthday – “Happy Birthday Phil”!

And today was my mother’s surprise 70th birthday party, kept secret by using the veil of it being my bro’s birthday to hide behind!  Her birthday isn’t until the 16th, but “Happy Birthday, Mom!”.

I hope that both parties were fun and full of laughter and friends…

And congratulations MUST go out to Dan Gould as he graduates today with his PhD!

And this is my first “Posted in absentia” posts for the summer (I have a number of posts set to publish at varying times while I am gone).  Today is my last day at home.  I have turned off my computer for the last time, I have finished the final bits of packing, and I leave very early tomorrow morning for Florida and “The Lord’s Boot Camp” in Merritt Island, FL. 

My back has been giving me some increased problems lately and I just hope I am not going to be struggling too much with my 50 pound duffel bag and two really heavy carry-ons!  Just not as young and strong as I used to be…but very excited about the summer God has in store for me and my team!

I have posted my addresses for this summer in my sidebar.  Sure, they’re a jumbled mess, but I couldn’t fix it!  If you’re of a mind, I’d love to get “snail mail” from you, even if I don’t really know you!  No e-mail or computers where I’m going!

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Happy Birthday, Abner

Hey Abs,

Happy birthday!  Sorry you have to work today – even sorrier you’re stuck up in South Dakota.  Bad way to spend the first day of your “late 20’s”.  LOL!  😉

Much love, and let’s do Jack Quinn’s to celebrate when you get back!!

Yo Mama




Today is my birthday.  And it’s a cold one!  Single digits during the night last night (without wind chill).

It’s not supposed to get up to freezing today.  Brrrrrrrr!

It’s 23 degrees out right now.

Snow would be a GREAT birthday present (hint hint, God!).  But it’s bright and sunny out, and even though there’s a 30% chance of snow, I’m highly doubting it.

Coca Cola e-mailed me a birthday greeting, twice.  The graphic on the first one was pretty decent:


But the second card?  It had this dog:

This dog was saying “Let’s Party!  Celebrate your big day!”.  I dunno.  This dog doesn’t look exactly happy about it being my birthday, and doesn’t exactly have an “in the party mood” look!

My cat is blissfully unaware of the importance of this day, and she is asking for breakfast.  And I could use a cup of coffee.

And for those of you who are wondering….I am celebrating the 11th anniversary of my 32nd birthday! 


One More Birthday Wish…

I know this is three days in a row that I’ve written a birthday post.  Lots of VERY important people have their birthdays in December!

This wish for a most happy of birthdays is going out to my little sister, Whitney.

Whitney is one of the sweetest and kindest people that God placed on this planet.  Those of us who are privileged enough to be able to know her know EXACTLY what I mean!

None of you will “get” this picture, but Whitney will.  (And probably so will my sister, Liz!)

Happy Birthday, Whitney!!!  😉

Happy Birthday, Ricky!




Not So Little Miss!

Last time I saw her she was just about as tall as me.  I’m pretty sure she’s taller than me by now.  She doesn’t read my blog, but maybe someone else who does will tell her that today I am wishing her a very Happy Birthday…



I love you oodles. 

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Happy Birthday Mom! (and Kate!)

” A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.”

James Joyce in Ulysses


I guess I don’t know any geniuses  …  Let’s try a quote that I love, and agree with then:


“Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.”


So then, Happy Birthday to you two, and a happy Bloomsday to everyone!

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