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Yep.  I know you’ve seen this picture before.  I had asked for advice on which photograph to submit to a photography competition.  The majority voted for this picture, so I submitted it.

Lucky day, I was one of the first 20 people to submit their photo and was given a 20 dollar gift certificate to a local restaurant/coffee bar!  🙂  I’ll have to wait until I get home to cash that puppy in though…

Wish me more luck.  I’d like to win a new camera.  The Butterfly Pavilion is accepting submissions through July 30th, so I’ll be back in the states in time for the announcement of the winner, which I’m sure, with all of your support, will be me!


(Posted in absentia)


Help Me Choose!

I am thinking of entering a photo in a local photography contest.  The subject matter is “Pollenators” and we are to show them in the process of doing their thing.

I have a few pictures I am considering and would love your feedback!

There are three.  The third picture is simply a “brighter” version of the second.

Which do I enter?  Help me choose!!!!  🙂

Or are none of them even good enough to enter.  Dunno!

Your thoughts?

(I took these pictures in my brother’s yard this past week in California…he has a most wonderful garden.  The entire southern wall of his home sports rose bushes — many taller than I — simply loaded with roses of many colors.  The bees on this day seemed partial to these vermillon blooms)

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