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Way To Go, Bots!

Woo Hoo!


I had hoped to put a YouTube video here.  I videotaped some of the games using my camera and my computer.  However, when I played back what I had recorded, all the footage had both auditory and visual distortion!  It didn’t matter what application I played it back in, all of it sounded and looked the same.  I guess maybe NASA didn’t want people taping their webcasts, huh?  Ah well, here’s a still shot of the Beach Bot’s robot on the field!  And it is scoring, by the way!

Welcome home Beach Bots and congratulations on being in a Final Four that I can truly appreciate!  J  Oh.  Get this.  Here it is just a few hours after the competition (I wrote this last night!) is over and I googled “Team 330” to see what would come up.  One of the top results was the Wikipedia entry for this year’s FIRST competition, “Rack ‘n’ Roll”.  It listed the Division Champs already!  That’s just crazy!  How’d Wikipedia DO THAT?   

The award that the Beach Bots won was the “General Motors Industrial Design Award”.  Pretty great.  Here is the FIRST official post event press release with all the results:  Click HERE to read.



Team 330

Team 330 is my nephew Richard’s robotics team number at the national FIRST robotic finals.  I woke up bright and early this morning and downloaded a nice fresh version of Real Player so that I could watch the webcast from Atlanta today.  At 11:00 Atlanta time the Beach Bot and Team 330 is announced.  They play three teams against three teams (the three teams work together and are an “alliance”) and Team 330 was on the Red Alliance.  I watch the whole match, and then, just as they are to announce the final score….my finger on the screen capture button and ready to capture the results so I could post a picture here…the feed freezes up!  Sheesh.  Am I the only one who has no end of trouble with technology?  Does technology regularly fail other people like it fails me???  Any how, here it is, thirty minutes later, and the feed still doesn’t work.  There are four fields that are being webcasted.  My nephew’s team is scheduled in the Curie field.  ALLLLLL the other fields’ webcast feeds are FINE.  But the Curie field feed isn’t working!  Just my luck, I’m tellinya.

BUT!  The Red Alliance (along with Team 330) won their match.  I just checked the standings.  There are two teams which are undefeated in the Curie field, and Team 330 is one of them!  They are ranked 2nd right now in their division!!!!

This is all terribly exciting…  🙂

More later today, I’m sure!

UPDATE:  The winners from each division have now picked their alliances for the quarterfinals.  Team 330 picked two teams that were fairly low in the rankings.  That must mean that whatever they do WELL is something that the BEACH BOT maybe doesn’t do so well.  There is a break in the action in Atlanta.  Must be lunch time.  I found a pdf file that explains all the rules of play for this year’s competition.  It’s called “Rack ‘n’ Roll”.  Here’s a link, just in case you are interested. 

“Rack ‘n’ Roll” Rules

ANOTHER UPDATE:  The Beach Bots and their alliance teams just won their quarterfinals and are on to the semis.  In their last match they scored HUGE!  They scored nearly 286 points while holding the other alliance to less than 18.  I think that 286 might be close to the highest score so far in this competition.  Again, this is all terribly exciting!  🙂

Ah!  YET ANOTHER UPDATE!:  The Beach Bots and their alliance have won the finals of the Curie division and are on to the FINAL Finals!  There were awards handed out to the three teams on the winning alliance.  Some of these teams have more than 50 kids on them!  The Beach Bots have ten.  Yup.  Ten kids.  Pretty cool to be on a team of ten and be winning like this.

My last, at least I THINK so, UPDATE:  The Beach Bots won a design award, but sadly, were eliminated in the semi-finals of the Final Round.  They were in the final four, but I don’t know what place that means they came in.  I guess that means there is one more update yet to come!  Besides, I need to post a video of one of their games, now don’t I?  🙂

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