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Unpaid Product Endorsement – Skechers Go Walk Slip-Ons

I was on a search.  I needed a pair of shoes.

I was looking for a pair of shoes that had to perform very specific functions and meet specific criteria.  I was going to be traveling and backpacking in Africa for three weeks and I needed a pair of shoes that were 1) extremely lightweight, 2) very durable, 3) had at least decent, if not good, arch support, 4) would be easy on easy off, 5) could be folded up to pack, 6) would double as water shoes, 7) because of reason 6 would need to dry quickly, 8) would be easily hand washed, and finally 9) were fully enclosed, and 10) could be worn with the back folded down like a slipper.  Plus, if they could be not ugly, possibly even cute, that would be my bonus.

A pretty daunting list of requirements for a pair of shoes, no?  I couldn’t find anything remotely close.  I’d pretty much resigned myself to needing to take multiple pairs of shoes, which I was loathe to do.  I really only wanted to take this elusive pair, plus a pair of flip flops.

Sort of desperate, I decided to drop into a Famous Footwear store that I happened to be driving past the day before I was to leave on my trip.

When I listed these things off to the salesperson she immediately took me to these shoes. I tried a pair on and couldn’t believe there was actually a shoe that appeared to fulfill every single one of my criteria.  I put these shoes through their paces in my three week trip.  They were awesome. And though they are a just little worn looking, they still look good enough to wear in my work as a nurse.  And, as a totally unexpected bonus, despite wearing them non-stop day and night at times, and without socks, they did not get smelly!!!  I will be buying additional pairs of these shoes in more colors as I fear they will not be an ongoing style in Skechers line-up.

I give you…….Skechers Go Walk Slip-Ons:

Available at shoe stores I suppose everywhere, and on as well.  Here’s a link to google images for them.  Look at all the wonderful color choices!!!!!


Unpaid Product Endorsement – Zenni Optical

Today I met up with a friend who was wearing the cutest pair of glasses.  With shipping, they cost her like 15 bucks. That’s PRESCRIPTION glasses folks!  for 15 dollars!!!

I don’t normally do UPE’s for things I haven’t tried myself, but I don’t wear glasses, and I saw hers in real life, so close enough!

Zenni Optical!  CLICK HERE to check out the Zenni Optical website!

Go get ’em!

Great Gadget – “Unpaid Product Endorsement”

Because for the first time in my life I needed to 1) have a neighbor jump start my car and then 2) have to call AAA to jump start it again the next day, I decided to get myself one of those gadgets that jumps your car without having to have a neighbor, another car and cables handy, or time to wait for AAA to come and assist me.  I bought the SCHUMACHER ELECTRIC 500Amp JUMP STARTER.  I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical about it working.  But today, I had to use it!  And it worked like a CHARM. 

It’s small and very easy to handle and use.  PLUS on the backside there is a place to plug in anything that a cigarette lighter would accommodate.  Which means you can use this for emergency power of electronic devices as well.  Plug in an inverter and you can use it to run anything that plugs in!  My inverter takes regular plugs and USBs as well.

Fifty bucks well spent!

I’ve had a few people do some looking at my vehicle to see what the problem is…  When off, the car is draining energy.  Need to find the source of that.  Something electrical…maybe a loose or dirty ground wire.  Hopefully I will get time this week to get the car in to have more intensive diagnostic work done to find the problem!  In the meantime, I don’t have to worry about being caught somewhere with a dead car!  And I can blow dry my hair in the wilderness!  😉

New Gadget – “Unpaid Product Endorsement”

I have loads of negatives and slides that have been lying fallow in boxes.  Many of the prints for the negatives are long gone – given away.  Some are in this or that scrap book.  The prints don’t scan well, at least not with my scanner, which I thought was pretty good, but not so much for photos.  My slides are fewer, but the majority of them are from the summer I spent with Teen Missions in the Philippines.  The summer I met my best friend Connie.  They are pictures and slides that I wish I had access to.  Pictures I’d like to share with family and friends…

And now I can.

Many years ago I looked into buying a system which would transfer these negatives and slides to a digital format.  At the time, the technology was uber expensive and I shelved the idea.  On a plane a few years or so ago in the “Sky Mall” magazine, I saw a device that was much more compact and much less expensive, but still a bit spendy.

On “Cyber Monday” I found a 5 megapixel number for $79 bucks that had excellent reviews and was even smaller than the ones I had looked at before.  I typed, clicked, and bought.  And yesterday, it arrived.  So cool.  Pop the negatives or slides into special trays, run them into the machine, and presto, JPGs!!!!

It’s called the Ion Slides 2 PC.  It’s so easy to use it’s almost a crime.  The quality of the end result isn’t spectacular, but I’m thrilled with it, nonetheless.  My slides are grubby and have particles adhered to them.  I need to look into how to safely clean them.  This is one of the scanned negatives:

Mitchell's Filas by you.

This is my nephew, Mitchell, when he was just learning to walk, wearing a pair of Filas I bought for him when he was still a wee baby.  Watching him walking in these (I believe this might be the first time he was in shoes at all) was soooo funny!

And this is one of the scanned slides, complete with specks of dust or whatever:

Connie and Panda by you.

This one is of Connie.  We were on a bus somewhere in China, and she fell asleep with this panda on her lap.  I love this picture.  I’m excited to have it not in a box somewhere.

Because of the cheap price, ease of use, and pretty darn good JPGs it creates from old negatives and slides, the Ion Slides 2 PC gets “Unpaid Product Endorsement” status.

Blah Blah Blog vs. the Yellow Pages!

Some time ago I posted on my Dad and his quest for a straight razor shave while visiting me.  That search led us to Paul Hansen.  Since then, my Dad has gone to him whenever he is in town to get another great shave.

He’s in town again this week.  And he dropped in on Paul to get my nephew’s hair cut.  My Dad got to talking with Paul about my blog post.  (Check out the link for more info on Paul’s and for his phone number.)

Paul says that he gets a couple of new customers every week because they read about him on Blah Blah Blog.  He got zero customers from his Yellow Pages ad.  Since my blog has proved to be much more effective advertising than the YP, he dropped the ad!  He told my dad to send me to his shop because he’d like to buy me lunch!

I asked my Dad if Paul had ever seen my post.  Nope.  He doesn’t own a computer!

Getting the folks in for a great shave…just another service my blog offers!  🙂

Whatever Happened to My Great Uncle Kenny’s Recipes??

My great Uncle Kenny was a baker.  His bakery was called “Oliver’s Bakery” and was in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  It still IS in Kenosha, actually.  When I asked him, my dad didn’t know what happened to his uncle’s recipes.

I can’t seem to find out just how he ever got into the bakery business.  Just like I don’t know how another great aunt and uncle got into the beekeeping/honey business.  Those are pretty unusual career choices.  (But then I also have a screen writer, a sweater maker, bed and breakfast owners, a pastor, publishers, a wood-worker, and a freight-forwarding/lawyer in the ranks as well, to name a few!!)

My dad and I took a side visit to the famous bakery when we were in town last week. 

Even though Racine (ten miles up the road) is the kringle capital of America, Oliver’s is sort of famous for ITS “kringles”, and I wanted to pick one up to take down to the friends I’d be staying with the next night down in Illinois.  I had a brief glimpse into my future as a baker recreating all the fabulous yummies that my uncle had created if only I could locate those long lost recipes!  I asked the ladies who were working there “whatever happened to my Great Uncle Kenny’s recipes?”.  And whattayaknow!  They knew!  Most of those recipes were in the back of the bakery, still in his original handwriting, and they are in use to this day!  When he sold the bakery the recipes went with it.  And when that buyer sold it, the recipes changed hands again.  So much for my new career as a famous master-baker!  Those recipes are lost to my family forever!  🙂  Well, unless we are the next owners, that is!

I’d sure like the recipe for those kringles, because they are the BEST I’ve ever had.  For their kringles, and for all their yummies in general, I am bestowing “Unpaid Product Endorsement” status on Oliver’s Bakery!

And guess what?  You, too, can nibble on a Blue Cheese (blueberry and cream cheese) kringle!  Oliver’s will ship one to you! 

Click HERE to visit Oliver’s Bakery…order up a yummy.  And tell them that Kenny Oliver’s great niece sent you!  🙂

(You say you don’t know what a kringle is???  Read about the humble kringle HERE.)



This year I needed to update my immunizations for my trip to Malawi and Ethiopia.  My Polio, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever are outdated and I’ve never had Hepatitis A.

Today I met with Becky at Passport Health to discuss just what my travel needs were going to be.

The final list?  Here you go!

  1. Hepatitis A injection
  2. Polio injection
  3. Yellow Fever injection
  4. Oral Typhoid series

Still need to get:

  1. Tetanus booster
  2. TB skin test (last one was over a year ago, will be able to procur this at work)


  1. Influenza vaccine (I never get this)
  2. Meningococcal meningitis vaccine (I’ve been exposed so many times to this I must have some sort of immunity)
  3. MMR (measles, mumps, rubella).  I have now had this vaccine three times and while I have converted on my mumps and rubella, my titers continually come back negligible for measles, so I’m figuring no additional attempts will work either.

Definitely don’t need for this trip:

  1. Japanese Encephalitis vaccine  🙂  TRUE! 

We also discussed malaria and dengue fever.  Since it is winter, the chances of getting these diseases are lower as the mosquitos are fewer and farther between, but, as history has proven to me, I can get malaria from that one mosquito.  The malaria carrying mosquito gets you at night, the dengue carrying mosquito gets you during the day.  When in Zambia I didn’t take malaria meds nor did I use insect repellent.  I will use repellent this year.  I’m still thinking about my options for meds.  The cheap option is doxycycline, but that often leads to an unpleasant other kind of infection.  The other “cheaper” options have given me night terrors and generally creepy feelings which make them very undesireable to take again.  The best option is MUY expensive.  Almost $9.00 a pill!  AND I’d need 60 pills.  I don’t even want to do the math on that.  We’ll just have to see!  For sure I buy some Arinate when I get to Africa.  I want that on hand whether or not I’m pre-treating.  That’s a miracle drug for malaria and I don’t want to be without it.

Then there’s avian (bird) flu and cholera.  Since I’m in control of food preparation and water sanitization, I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to avoid getting either of these.  Just gotta remember to keep “my kids” away from any chickens and not serve any eggs that aren’t fully cooked!

Lastly, I picked up a prescription for Cipro.  I can take that for traveler’s diarrhea or an upper respiratory infection.

I got the three injections today.  Praying they don’t make me sick.  The last time I got the Yellow Fever one I was sick (gastro stuff and fever) for days and my arm was useless and excrutiatingly painful to the touch for over a week.  That was years ago.  Maybe this time it won’t be so bad.  I’ll wait to see if these round of shots makes me sick before I tackle the week-long regimen of oral Typhoid vaccination.  That one can cause pretty good gastro side effects and I don’t want to pile that on anything else I might be feeling!

AND we (Becky-also a nurse-and I) talked about my working there in the future!  Just to fill-in for her, nothing major.  She took my info and seemed very delighted at the possibility of having someone who could help out there in a pinch, or for vacations, etc.!

This is the first time I have used a traveler’s health clinic.  Very convenient, very easy.  Always before I have had to call around and find this place or that place who could accommodate my needs.  When I showed up at Passport Health, Becky had already prepared a full packet of very useful information and recommendations.  Live in Colorado?  Ever need to discuss travel needs and get shots and scripts?  Consider Passport Health.  I guess it’s another Unpaid Service Endorsement from me!  🙂  It’s a pay up front business, so I need to look into filing a claim with my insurance to see what they might pick up.  Never done that before.  New skill to learn!  🙂

I haven’t been really great at posting lately, but if you don’t hear from me for awhile, you’ll know why!  (Because I’m curled up sick in my bed not far from a bathroom!)

Now, as I am expecting company in a few days, I’m off to clean my house, just in case I’m not feeling up to it later!

02/18/09, an update:

I should have updated this post long ago!  I had absolutely no side effects from any of my shots, not even any arm soreness.  I ended up choosing doxycycline for my malaria prophylaxis and was diligent about taking it as directed and diligent with my bug repellent.  Despite being chewed alive at dusk, I did not contract malaria (which was a great relief, having had it twice before).  I had only some minor gastro-intestinal side effects from the oral typhoid, but nothing hardly even to mention.  It could have even been coincidental.  The next time I travel to a place where meningitis is recommended, I will probably get that vaccine.  And, if it is available, I am considering getting the rabies series as well.  But as of this update, rabies is only available post-exposure as there is a shortage of it.

Bye for now!  And remember, traveling smart includes getting your vaccines!


For years I’ve had the same gentleman do my taxes in the LA area.  Because I was more than happy with his services, I continued to use him after I moved to Colorado.  But this year I decided to bring the business home, as it were, and hire a local CPA to do the deed for me. 

I found an ad offering a special price and so I called.  I stood to save about 75% so I went out on a limb and called.  Frank of Raspberry Mountain Investments doesn’t have an office, “I’ll come to you” he said.  What the heck.  Why not.  Having my taxes done in the comfort of my own home (with access to all my paperwork in case I forgot something) sounded really convenient.  My taxes aren’t horribly complicated (too complicated for ME mind you, but not too bad in general) so I guessed I’d be able to tell if the guy wasn’t doing things “up to snuff”.

I had friends tell me they thought I was taking my chances having a strange man come to my house.  One of them was considering coming over and bringing her Glock with her just in case I had invited some sort of predator!!! 

Welllll, I needn’t have worried.  He was so thorough and I didn’t feel rushed and I’m pretty sure we maximized my deductions.  And he electronically filed those taxes right there at my dining room table and printed up my copies of everything.  I asked him why his prices were so low, and he told me that after spending many years with a major national firm, he struck out on his own this year and he was using the low prices to build a client base.  It won’t be as cheap next year, but still less than half the cost of having my LA guy do them.

He’s got me for repeat business for sure, and I took a bunch of business cards.

Boy, am I glad my taxes are done.  I hate having them hanging over my head like an executioner’s axe. 

Filing tax returns under the current overwhelmingly complicated tax system are PAIN.

I’d sure like to see some reform there…

If you are looking for a tax man in the 719, give Frank a call!  I highly recommend his services.

Sort of an Unpaid Product Endorsement.  I guess more like an Unpaid Services Endorsement!  🙂

Unpaid Product Endorsement for the Day – Q-tips

Time for another UPE! 

And let’s just say I learned the hard way that it doesn’t matter how great a deal you get on those other cotton swabs.  But I learned FAST!

If they were giving off-brands away, I’d get in the line to pay full price for the real deal!

While looking for an image to put in my blog I came across another blogger’s post about a friend of hers who discovered that her boyfriend had generic Q-tips.  Her potential future life with this man flashed before her eyes — generic food items, plastic covered furniture, cheap clothing, etc.  She broke up with him the next day.

I might do the same thing, but I’d ask 1) if this was the first time he’d purchased them and 2) would he purchase them again.  If the answer to number 1 was yes and number 2 was no, I’d probably stick around.  If the answers were reversed, I think I’d have to bail, too.  Bargain shopping is one thing…terminal cheapness is another. 

So, if I can offer up one little bit of advice…don’t learn the hard way.  Stick to Q-tips.  Use a coupon and get it doubled, that’ll take the sting out of the higher purchase price!


“It’s like a horror movie, only horribler…”

We (my brother, his four kids, and I) were on our way back from eating the most fabulous BBQ Tri-tip sandwiches out at a take-out place called “Green Acres” in Simi Valley.  This was an eating establishment that my brother found as a result of his being a freight delivery guy and driving all over So Cali.  (My family is committed to driving great distances to enjoy the best taste sensations.  This trip was no exception and was easily 60 miles each way…  Worth the drive?  Oh, you bet.)  I am giving the “Green Acres” Farmer’s Market’s BBQ Tri-tip sandwich my “unpaid product endorsement”.  Google it yourself and see what others have to say about it!

“Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz house?” my brother asked as we entered his neighborhood on the way back home.  I had, but only briefly, and I’d been wanting to take pictures of it.  So we decided to swing by the house on our way back home.  This house is an abomination really.  We all decided it might not be TOO bad to live next to it, but it would be a daily horror to live across from it.  I may go back at a later date and try to get a few more good pictures.  However, the streets in town are narrow and it’s hard to get far enough back to encompass the whole monstrosity in a single frame. 

As I am shooting various aspects of the front of the house my eight year-old niece Avalon piped up with her opinion on what the experience of this house was like for her.

“It’s like a horror movie, only horribler…”

Go ahead!  Enter that gate if you dare!

 Every house needs a “mission statement” plaque imbedded in the front wall, doesn’t it?

This is what meets you by the front door.  (Was that baby in the movie?) 



I must admit to a certain degree of morbid curiosity as to what the INSIDE of this house looks like…and to an even greater degree of curiosity as to what the people are like who live there!  🙂 

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

If you read this blog you may know, if you know me, you CERTAINLY know, that I am a nurse.  But I’m one of those nurses who is a bit of an anomaly.  I don’t ever go to the doctor myself.  Well, not never, but I haven’t seen a physician as a patient in about five years.  There is one doctor however that I see REGULARLY, and THAT, dear friends, is the dentist.  Due to having braces and to my dentist’s retirement, and then to my moving, it has been something like two or three years since I last saw one. 

I’m sort of a dental freak.  My dad instilled that in me from childhood.  He didn’t take care of his teeth as a kid and has paid the price all of his life with lots of dental issues.  So, since I was a kid, it’s been my habit to see the dentist every six months.  I don’t ever even remember seeing a regular doctor as a kid.  I guess I got my childhood vaccinations, but that’s it.  Oh, and I had stitches once in my toe, but that was in an ER.  And I had to get a note from a doctor to play sports in high school, but I just saw a local GP for that.  I didn’t have a doctor of my own.  I don’t have a doctor here yet.  But I was starting to feel like if I didn’t see a dentist soon something bad was going to happen!  I have dreams about bad things happening to my teeth.  I nearly had an apoplectic fit when I learned that I voluntarily had to have all my wisdom teeth removed for my braces!  So it was TIME.

Over the years my teeth, which have been pretty white most of my life, have become a little bit dingy looking.  I’ve been interested in having them whitened, even if just a shade or two or three.  I’ve heard good things about Zoom! whitening, so I looked into that since I was looking for a dentist anyway.  I picked a doctor at random from a list that the Zoom! hotline people gave me.  I called his office and talked to his office manager and was very impressed about what I heard.  Since my teeth had gone through so much lately (Invisaligns AND traditional braces AND a deficit of routine dental care), I thought it was time to get a really thorough check-up.  And Dr. Matthews sounded like just the right guy to do it. 

I saw him Monday and had the most in-depth dental appointment that I’ve ever had.  And he cleared me for Zoom!.  I got Zoom!ed yesterday.  Near the end of the procedure I started to experience some sensitivity, so we stopped before time was up.  But still!  Nice and bright.  And I was sent home with trays and gel to continue the whitening at home, which I will.  I’d like to pump up the bright a little bit more.  Last night my teeth were still zinging a little, but when I woke up this morning, nearly all the sensitivity was gone.  That means I can continue with the whitening starting tomorrow.  

For now I have to avoid things that stain, like soda and coffee, (two days without Diet Coke and coffee!  Yikes!), tomato based foods, etc.  I have to eat and drink clear, white, and beige. 

For the nice bright smile it gave me, I am giving Zoom! Unpaid Product Endorsement status!

I go back in a few weeks to meet with the dentist again to review all the results of my tests and X-rays.  But I don’t anticipate any surprises.  The dentist was super nice.  He does missionary work, so we had that in common.  AND it turns out we go to the same church, which is a really nice bonus.  His staff is GREAT.  His office is welcoming and it’s the nicest environment, medically or dentally speaking, that I’ve ever been in!  (You even get a paraffin wax treatment for your hands at each visit!  I’d not had one of those before, but boy, can I recommend it!)  And I can’t say that this would happen to you, but when I took out my checkbook on my first visit, Sandy, the office manager (and Dr. Matthews’ wife) told me to put it away, that she didn’t want me to have to write a check to them two days in a row.  How often does any kind of business, let alone a medical/dental office, let a cash patient walk out without paying???  I imagine that Dr. Matthews will be my dentist for as long as I live here!

For being gentle, for having a wonderfully caring and knowledgeable staff, and for taking such good care of me, I am also giving Dr. Matthews Unpaid Product Endorsment status, and a place on my blogroll!  🙂

Perhaps when I’m done doing all the whitening I’ll post a picture of my now, once again, pearly whites!

Unpaid Product Endorsement – Kayla’s Rag Bags

Kayla is my sister Diane’s best friend’s daughter.  She’s 16 and trying to raise money to go to New York with her school choir.  She’s working pretty hard at it, not just asking for handouts.  For example, her latest endeavor is to deliver phone books (somebody has to do it!).  That doesn’t exactly pay so great.  One of the things that she is doing is making purses!  And they’re CUTE.  She crochets the exterior and lines them with T-shirts that have seen better days.  I bought two.  I am keeping the purple and green and fuscia one lined with a Sponge Bob T and I am giving the green and rust and cream one lined with a matching T to my niece.  Here’s the thing….I would buy one of these even if it wasn’t helping Kayla reach her goal.  A goal, by the way, that her parents think will be a great experience for her.  It’s not as though they’ve said “you can go if you raise the money, but we think it’s a bad idea and we’re not going to pay for it.”  So, here’s a picture of these ever so cute purses (the one I’m keeping is turned inside out, in case you weren’t sure!).  If you are interested in buying a Kayla original Rag Bag then leave a comment.  I’ll forward your info on to her.  She’ll even make them special order.  If you have a favorite T-shirt that you can’t wear anymore, but can’t bear to throw away, perhaps she’ll turn it into a purse for you!  And what the heck, I haven’t done an unpaid product endorsement (UPE) for awhile, so let’s make this one of those!

(Kayla’s Rag Bags, originally uploaded by Blah Blah Blog)

My New Camera

Yesterday I spent some time "getting to know" my new camera.  It is a Nikon Coolpix S4.  A way-cool, any-idiot-can-use, digital camera, which makes it perfect for me!  A generous gift from my dad to take with me to Africa this summer (click here for that post about my dad).

The reason I picked this camera was for its awesome zoom capability (10x digital), for its swivel lens (I am short, and to be able to hold the camera over my head and still see what I am shooting at is very helpful), for its beyond amazing macro setting (I took pictures a couple of centimeters from the subject and they are crystal clear!), and for its maximum of 6 megapixel setting.  What I didn't really know I was getting were some pretty stellar other features.

I have found a 30 minute video setting.  I have found a number of time lapse video settings (can't wait to try THOSE!).  There are dozens of different specialty assist settings (even one for taking pictures of fireworks or for taking pictures at the beach or in snow). 

Navigating around the menus has been pretty simplistic given all the options available.  There aren't too many confusing buttons to wrangle with, either.

The lens cap could have been engineered better (it's cheap and plastic and looks like it could snap off easily in the right circumstance), and the large viewing screen (which is really nice) costs you a place to comfortably hold the camera in your right hand without obstructing the screen, but that adjustment will be fairly easy to make and get used to. 

All in all, I think this is going to be the perfect camera for me!  And I think I'll even give it UPE (Unpaid Product Endorsement) status.

Unpaid product endorsement for the day – “Tide To Go”

I was thinking the other day that it was about time for another UPE.  And much to my surprise, last night I found one to tell you about! 

Not a "spiller" by nature, I never really considered the need for a stain aid such as this.  HOWEVER, I do manage to get the occasional spot of coffee on my clothes.  It comes out in the wash, but sometimes I "coffee myself" early in the morning when I am no where near a new shirt or a washing machine.

I have seen the commercials for this product, and frankly, I think the good folks at Proctor & Gamble could have spent their money A LOT better!  You've probably seen them, too.  They are rather dopey.  (I really don't like the one with the drill sergeant.)

It was with significant skepticism that I took the Tide pen from my friend Joanne's hand and used it on the fresh coffee stain on my sweatshirt.  It appeared to work just as quickly as on the TV ads.  Now, while I can vouch for the ease of use and the quick stain removal, the wet area that is left by the pen does not dry quickly.  So in that regard the ads are a rather misleading.  But once it did dry (it took about as long as water would take), the stain was pretty close to gone.  You could see a very faint remnant, but you had to get close, and you had to know where the coffee had been.

So, I'm giving this little baby five stars, two thumbs up, the green light, etc.  I don't know how it does on silk or other delicate fabrics, but on cotton, this is a winner.

And thanks, Joanne, for letting me keep it!  🙂


Unpaid product endorsement for the day – TJ’s White Cheddar Popcorn

I am not generally a purveyor of flavored popcorns, however, I would give all of you a taste of this stuff if I could.  I don't even LIKE cheese flavored popcorn, but I tried this stuff one day, and it's like crack, or methamphetamine.  One hit and your hooked!  If you are lucky enough to have a Trader Joe's within a hundred miles of where you live, you might want to pick up a bag or two. 

 White Cheddar Popcorn.jpg 

I know I stopped in a Trader Joe's when I was in LA last week and picked some up!  (I wonder if my mother would think it frivolous if I asked her to send me a bag or two every now and again.  I imagine if I paid her, she wouldn't care HOW frivolous a request it was!)

Panda Express

I saw my first live Pandas at the zoo in Beijing, China.  That was back in 1982.  A friend recently sent me some excrutiatingly cute panda pictures and I can't help but share one!


And, looking at all these Pandas made me think about Panda Express' "Orange Flavored Chicken".  Who are we kidding calling this particular dish dinner?  It's dessert!  if you've never had it, consider this a crossover entry for "Unpaid Product Endorsement".  And have some soon!

Unpaid product endorsement for the day…the pet sponge

I guess it’s about time for another UPE… 

That’s probably not its “official” name, and I’m sure that more than one company makes them, but if you have a pet that sheds, you NEED one of these!  The pet sponge is  yellow, brick shaped, and about the size of four decks of cards.  You can buy one at Linens and Things, or Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Run this sponge over the couch, bed, or whatever fabric surface your pet crashes on, and it wipes up every single hair.  Pull the collection of fur off the sponge and use it over and over.  It’s an indispensible part of my cleaning regimen.  Hey, I wonder if my next UPE (unpaid product endorsement) will be about something NOT cleaning related!


Unpaid product endorsement for the day…Netflix

Has anybody joined this service yet?  I started with a two week free trial, but thought it was so great, I signed up.  How it works:

  • Create a “queue” of movies you want to see
  • Your first movie is mailed to you
  • Put disc into postage paid return envelope and mail
  • When received, the next movie in your queue is sent to you
  • No late fees, no trips to the video store, no hassles
  • Turn around time is about two days
  • To do it one disc at a time it is about 10 bucks a month
  • Netflix sends you e-mails both when your return disc is received and when your next disc is mailed
  • The whole thing is all done on-line

I just returned “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and am expecting “Must Love Dogs” next.

And with that, I am off to Pennsylvania.  I will be attending a Leadership Training Seminar for Teen Missions.  I don’t know if I’ll have electricity where I’ll be staying, let alone internet access!  So, if you don’t see me for the next week, you’ll know why!  I am hoping that I’ll be in a nice warm place where they have electricity and a wireless router for my computer and beds and showers, but it could just as easily be sleeping in a sleeping bag in a freezing barn, with a bucket for a bath!  Crossing my fingers for the more cushy possibilities!



Unpaid product endorsement for the day…the Swiffer

This morning, while straightening up my house, I remembered why it was that I wanted to start blogging in the first place.  The Swiffer!  My Mother discovered the Swiffer shortly after its debut.  She loved it so much, she got us kids Swiffer Starter Kits for Christmas one year!  I was instantly in love.  And I remember thinking that “the world needs to know about the Swiffer”.  But I had no forum to tell the world.  Until now!  So, if you already own and use and love a Swiffer, this post isn’t for you.  But if you haven’t discovered the joys of “Swiffering” yet, hurry, run out TODAY and buy one!  Swiffer your walls, swiffer your ceiling, swiffer your floors!  Be free from dust and hair and such on the smooth surfaces in your home and automobile!  Use it on its own handle/mop thing or just as a dust cloth.  I also like the Swiffer Wet cloths.  They use the same handle/mop thing as the dry.  I haven’t bothered trying any of the “fancier” products.

I also haven’t tried the new “Flicker” for carpets, but come on, how hard is it to pull out the vacuum for those little carpet messes???  Swiffer?  Excellent!  Flicker?  Hmmmm.

Visit  Sometimes they have coupons.

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