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New Link!

I have added PJTV to my “Worthy Websites” in my sidebar.  You can be a paid subscriber, but there’s great free stuff to be had, and that’s what I go there for.

Joe Hicks is one of my favorite contributors, but there’s gobs of great stuff in there that might help us all get our political heads on straight and see things how they actually are, not how we “HOPE” they are.  There’s pure entertainment too, as the site is a “conservative entertainment” site.

Thanks to the Crack Emcee at The Macho Response for turning me on to the site, and to Panda Bear MD for turning me on to The Macho Response.  (The Macho Response can get a little raw at times-so people who might be offended by language and such, and TMI kids, and Luke should maybe stay out-but he’s a great read.  Panda doesn’t get a link cuz he never posts on his blog!)


This One is For Karine

Okay, so my nephew e-mailed me today and asked me a favor.  He apparently recently ran into a woman named Karine (spelling is in question…afterall it IS my nephew we’re talking about) who wanted the information on the Los Angeles regional robotics competition.  Richard asked me to send the info to Karine as he didn’t have her info BUT she reads my blog.  I can’t find a Karine as ever having left a comment (thus providing me with an e-mail address) SO I am posting that information here, in a post, for Karine, and anyone else who would like to go and support the Beach Bot/Team 330.  (I have added a permanent link to my nephew’s blog in my blogroll).

The competition is March 13th and 14th at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Gee, I wish I could go…

Huck, and Chuck

Two months ago I didn’t really know anything about Mike Huckabee.  

I’ve been so disappointed by the choices we have before us in regards to candidates, both Republican and Democrat.  A woman at work was telling me about this candidate that I’d not really heard anything about.  I appreciate this woman’s opinion on political matters, so I started to investigate this candidate, who, at the time, didn’t seem to have a chance to become president.  The more I learned, the more I liked what I saw in this man.  I wasn’t sure that he was a viable candidate though.  So I’m thinking I’m left with Giuliani and Thompson.  Neither thrilled me.

But then I watched the CNN/YouTube debate Wednesday night.  I came away from that with my decision pretty much made. 

Last night Greta Van Susteren had him and Chuck Norris on her show.  I not only was even more delighted with Mike Huckabee, but I gained a new appreciation for Chuck Norris as well.  See, Chuck was pretty much in the same position as I was.  He was trying to figure out who he was going to endorse.  He shared a story about two teenagers who sent him an e-mail encouraging him to support Huckabee.  I’ve heard of those teenagers before.  See, my sister used to work for their parents, and babysit their big brother years ago.  Their website is  (Check it out.  I think you might be impressed what twins Brett and Alex Harris are doing).  Anyhow, Chuck, impressed by these boys, LISTENED to what these kids had to say, and really investigated Huckabee.  And liked what he found.  Enough to decide to endorse him.

Chuck didn’t know Mike Huckabee before.  He IS friends with a number of the other Republican candidates.  And Chuck decided on Huckabee and not one of his friends.  You gotta appreciate that.

Huck and Chuck shared this campaign video.  You gotta love it.  Well, you don’t gotta, but I sure do! 

I still have some listening and watching and learning to do, but I’m pretty sure my vote will be for Mike Huckabee.

And probably more importantly, if you are a teenager (hint hint all you ZFWers and Mafia!), we’re listening to you, we really are.  Like the Harris brothers, you can make an impact.  Look at what one little e-mail did!



….is Logan.  (Isn’t he cute??)

Logan was my assistant leader this past summer.  He was my right hand person.  He’d been on a couple of Teen Missions teams before as a team member, but this was his first time in a leadership position.

Logan was 18 for most of the summer (he had his 19th birthday a few days before we all headed home).  Despite his youth he maintained an air of leadership and “the kids” responded to his authority.  It would have been very difficult for me if they hadn’t.  (But I needn’t have worried…he did great.  Honestly, at this point of my life, having seen God always work things out, I don’t know why I bother ever worrrying about anything!)

Back to Logan.  Logan is a super-hero of sorts…

Logan is part man, part teflon.  Dirt didn’t stick to him, or to his clothing.  He also didn’t seem to sweat.  And his clothing never appeared rumpled.  Logan always looked fresh, smelled fresh, and appeared to have just put whatever he was wearing on.  In stark contrast, I would take my bucket bath and exit the bathroom already sweating with my clothes already damp and already smelling as though I’d just finished running a marathon.  This amazing ability that Logan had to look and be clean and fresh prompted the saying “Logan!  It looks like you just got here!”.  This was something that was yelled at him frequently over the course of the summer.  And he always smelled like he just got there, too, as he always had a bottle of Tag available to freshen up with!

I would be sweating in a light cotton T-shirt and lightweight cotton pajama pants.  Logan could wear a long sleeved dress shirt over a tank top with heavy belted pants on and not break a bead anywhere!  It’s a mystery, really.

Logan starts Bible College in a few days.  His school is in Florida.  His super-hero attributes will, I’m sure, come in handy down there in the swamps!  🙂 

Thanks, Logi Bear!  I couldn’t have done it without you!  Good luck in school!

Locks of Love

On one particularly beautiful Saturday morning in Sicily this past summer, we took a train from Ispica to Siracusa (Syracuse) to see the sights (more on some of those sights in future posts!).  On the bridge from Siracusa proper to the island of Ortigia was this collection of locks.  Written on each of the locks were what could only be the names of lovers.

Locks of Love 1


 Locks of Love 2

I’d love to know the history of this collection of locks hanging from this light standard.  I’m curious to know who started it and when.  I don’t think it could have been there very long or there would have been many more locks.  “How incredibly romantic,” I thought to myself.

A short time later we walked past a very tiny and most lovely beach on Ortigia.  From the minute I stepped off the train I loved Siracusa.  As we explored and saw more and more of the town, I fell head over heels.  Ortigia sealed it for me.

“THIS”, I said to myself “is where I want to come on my honeymoon, and I want to buy an apartment here”.  My goodness, if it was that romantic while I was there in the daytime with 14 teenagers and five, well, aging German men, I can’t imagine how over-the-top romantic it would be with a brand spanking new husband under a starlit Mediterranean night!  🙂

Hong KongChicagoGuanajuatoKinsale.  And Siracusa.  Another amazing city about which to dream of returning.

Did You Hear The One About…

Thanks to Tara, my assistant leader from my Sicily team this past summer, I have a new favorite joke!

“Did you hear the one about the dyslexic devil worshipper?”

Clicker HERE for the punchline!  🙂

An Ewe Tinkus I izz Starnge!

I laugh and laugh and laugh every time I visit this blog!  It’s is off the hook funny.  I’m adding it to my blogroll.  If you like weirdness, and you like to laugh, and you are wearing diapers (just in case!), then check out


The pictures and captions are funny enough….but the comments!  Goooooodnesssss GRACIOUS!  🙂  🙂  🙂

You gotta read the comments on this one!:

An E-bay seller!

Here’s a sample of an older entry:

Steelin Ur Waters

And another:

I Has a Corm

Hit the random button at the top and see what you get!

And, one last link….learn to speak lolcat as a second language:

Lolcat speekingz plzkthx!


Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

If you read this blog you may know, if you know me, you CERTAINLY know, that I am a nurse.  But I’m one of those nurses who is a bit of an anomaly.  I don’t ever go to the doctor myself.  Well, not never, but I haven’t seen a physician as a patient in about five years.  There is one doctor however that I see REGULARLY, and THAT, dear friends, is the dentist.  Due to having braces and to my dentist’s retirement, and then to my moving, it has been something like two or three years since I last saw one. 

I’m sort of a dental freak.  My dad instilled that in me from childhood.  He didn’t take care of his teeth as a kid and has paid the price all of his life with lots of dental issues.  So, since I was a kid, it’s been my habit to see the dentist every six months.  I don’t ever even remember seeing a regular doctor as a kid.  I guess I got my childhood vaccinations, but that’s it.  Oh, and I had stitches once in my toe, but that was in an ER.  And I had to get a note from a doctor to play sports in high school, but I just saw a local GP for that.  I didn’t have a doctor of my own.  I don’t have a doctor here yet.  But I was starting to feel like if I didn’t see a dentist soon something bad was going to happen!  I have dreams about bad things happening to my teeth.  I nearly had an apoplectic fit when I learned that I voluntarily had to have all my wisdom teeth removed for my braces!  So it was TIME.

Over the years my teeth, which have been pretty white most of my life, have become a little bit dingy looking.  I’ve been interested in having them whitened, even if just a shade or two or three.  I’ve heard good things about Zoom! whitening, so I looked into that since I was looking for a dentist anyway.  I picked a doctor at random from a list that the Zoom! hotline people gave me.  I called his office and talked to his office manager and was very impressed about what I heard.  Since my teeth had gone through so much lately (Invisaligns AND traditional braces AND a deficit of routine dental care), I thought it was time to get a really thorough check-up.  And Dr. Matthews sounded like just the right guy to do it. 

I saw him Monday and had the most in-depth dental appointment that I’ve ever had.  And he cleared me for Zoom!.  I got Zoom!ed yesterday.  Near the end of the procedure I started to experience some sensitivity, so we stopped before time was up.  But still!  Nice and bright.  And I was sent home with trays and gel to continue the whitening at home, which I will.  I’d like to pump up the bright a little bit more.  Last night my teeth were still zinging a little, but when I woke up this morning, nearly all the sensitivity was gone.  That means I can continue with the whitening starting tomorrow.  

For now I have to avoid things that stain, like soda and coffee, (two days without Diet Coke and coffee!  Yikes!), tomato based foods, etc.  I have to eat and drink clear, white, and beige. 

For the nice bright smile it gave me, I am giving Zoom! Unpaid Product Endorsement status!

I go back in a few weeks to meet with the dentist again to review all the results of my tests and X-rays.  But I don’t anticipate any surprises.  The dentist was super nice.  He does missionary work, so we had that in common.  AND it turns out we go to the same church, which is a really nice bonus.  His staff is GREAT.  His office is welcoming and it’s the nicest environment, medically or dentally speaking, that I’ve ever been in!  (You even get a paraffin wax treatment for your hands at each visit!  I’d not had one of those before, but boy, can I recommend it!)  And I can’t say that this would happen to you, but when I took out my checkbook on my first visit, Sandy, the office manager (and Dr. Matthews’ wife) told me to put it away, that she didn’t want me to have to write a check to them two days in a row.  How often does any kind of business, let alone a medical/dental office, let a cash patient walk out without paying???  I imagine that Dr. Matthews will be my dentist for as long as I live here!

For being gentle, for having a wonderfully caring and knowledgeable staff, and for taking such good care of me, I am also giving Dr. Matthews Unpaid Product Endorsment status, and a place on my blogroll!  🙂

Perhaps when I’m done doing all the whitening I’ll post a picture of my now, once again, pearly whites!

“Fat Is Ugly”

Some months ago I was sent a bunch of photographs in an e-mail called “Fat Is Ugly”.  These photographs were of horrifyingly thin women.  The e-mail and style of the photos seemed to indicate that these were runway/fashion models.  I don’t know if they are.  I have been wondering what to do with them, and so they have been sitting in my “blog stuff” file on my computer since I received them.  I recently got inspired by a couple of ignorantly insensitive events that happened, both to me and to a friend of my sister, to finally put one of those pictures to use in my blog.  I took the photo to (a very cool web page where you can take your own pictures and turn them into comics – so cool in fact that it garners a “cool link” rating and a place on my blogroll) and I created a commentary which I hope speaks my mind on the subject.  Here it is: 

Where’s Peter?

My Mom’s cousin’s son is named Peter.  (That makes him my second cousin).  He’s way cool.  He’s an adventurer and a traveler.  I wish I could go on all his trips with him.  He lives on a boat.  He’s in Cambodia as of today.  He has finally started a blog.  I just learned about it today, but it dates back to the beginning of this particular adventure.  I didn’t ask him if it was okay to publish his blog’s address, but I did a blog search and found it, so it’s public.  I figured that made it okay!  I know that a lot of my family, and Peter’s family, reads my blog, and that they might really be interested in where on earth Peter is and what on earth Peter is doing!!  So I have added him to my blogroll.  But here’s a link, for your current convenience!

Where’s Peter?? 

He includes links to some pretty amazing photos that he has taken along the way.  If you appreciate good pictures, check out Peter’s Flickr site.

Peter.  On Flickr.


I am removing my blogroll link to Sharp Reader and replacing it with a link to Feed Reader.  I was having problems with Sharp Reader doing something funky to my screen.  It was making it look like this:

(crazyscreensaver, originally uploaded by Blah Blah Blog)

Sometimes instead of looking like that, bar code looking things would run up and down throughout whatever I was working on, or watching.  Not easy to watch a movie with all that nonsense going on!I decided to see if there were any better moustraps out there.  And I found a free reader available here:

It leaves a very small footprint on your computer, and manages things much cleaner and nicer than Sharp Reader does.  It has an alert, just like Sharp Reader, that pops up and lets you know when updates have been detected and where.  And it is even easier to load your favorite blogs and websites into than Sharp Reader, which was pretty darn easy to start with.  I’m sure most of my readers probably already have this on their computer, but if I’m just now finding it, I’m sure there are some others out there who haven’t! 

It handles rss and atom feeds.  I think I said that right.  Anyhow, I love it!  And no more bar coding when an alert comes in!  Woo Hoo!

And finally, all the missing stats from yesterday’s counter have not shown up.  Sad day.

Rancho Liberte’

Okay, I know it's a lot of new blogs in a short period of time, but my sister, Diane and I, started a new blog which will JUST be tales of our corporate house building adventure. That way we won't bore all of you who aren't really all that interested in reading our blogs to start with, but REALLY don't want to hear all our tales of septic permits and purlin spacing.

We call our building project Rancho Liberte' because it means "Freedom Ranch".  This move to Colorado and the projects we've been involved in together are providing us with the freedom to not have to work as much and to be ablet to follow God's leading, wherever that might take us.  It started by bringing us here, and we're excited to see where it will take us next. 

As per the usual, a permanent link is in my blogroll!

Even if you're not all that interested in reading it, the latest post is a pretty good one.


Another Norris in the Blogosphere!

My sister Whitney has now joined the ranks of family bloggers!  Whitney is my youngest sister.  Her son is my youngest nephew.  His name is Mitchell, but when he was just learning how to talk, when he said his name is sounded like "Moku".  That's what I call him.  He often corrects me.  "No, Aunchie Lou, it's not Moku, it's Mutchull.' 

I think Moku (or Moke) is a great nickname, and someday, just like Lawrence and Lowly, it'll stick!

Proof!  My sister called her blog "WhitandMoko"!  Why it's Moko and not Moku is explained in her blog.  Link below and permanent link in my blogroll.  Who'll be next????


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