FORWARD With Obama…

For those who don’t think Obama is steering this nation straight into socialism (on onto the path toward communism), you might want to take another look at what he has already accomplished.

In his own words…

For those who think “he doesn’t know what he’s doing”, you are wrong.  He knows EXACTLY what he is doing.  Stop calling him an idiot.  He’s brilliant.  He is calculating and manipulative, and a masterful truth twister.  And he’s a shameless liar.

He is NOT a failed president!!!!  As president, he has made great strides towards his goal…his goal being to fundamentally change America.  He has been greatly successful in his promise to do this!  He’s doing EXACTLY what he was voted in to do…he is implementing his agenda by every means possible.

The question is not “is Obama good for America?”.  Because if you believe in what Obama is doing then of course, you believe he is.  And if you are that person, this is not a plea to your sensibilities.  You think he’s awesome and doing great things.  And you’re smart and have thought it through and know what it is that you want.  I get that.  This post is for those who maybe aren’t so sure.  The question for those people is this…is this REALLY what you want for America?  If it is, vote for the guy and enjoy what he’s gonna do to you.  Not FOR you, because SOCIALISM and communism DO NOT WORK…and in the end, the ones in charge politically are the only ones who “succeed”…because they, like everyone else don’t have their own success, but unlike you, they have YOURS.  That is what the “shared success” we keep hearing about truly is.  You share your success with those in charge and their protégés, and with those in their lines of patronage.

If you believe that life isn’t fair, join the club.  It’s not.  But do you really think that it’s not YOUR job to help level the playing field?  It is, you know. It’s YOUR job and it’s MY job to rescue orphans and to feed the hungry and to care for widows.  It’s the responsibility of INDIVIDUALS to help each other.  Is that a responsibility you want to abdicate even more to the government and to bureaucrats?

If you have a little nagging voice in the back of your head that makes you question if you made, and continue to make, the right decision in supporting Obama, I think you need to listen to that little voice.  If you think at all that maybe he’s bringing something to America that isn’t at all what America is about, you need to listen to that voice.  Later, if you decide that what he’s all about is what you truly want, you can move things in that direction.  But once Obama gets a second term, it will be nearly impossible to return to what America once was.  Do you want America changed fundamentally even more?  Do you want an Obama who will have even “more flexibility” in doing what he wants in a second term???  He wants you to go forward with him, because he knows, he KNOWS, that if you do, there won’t be any going back.

Are you ready for that? Are you REALLY???



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2 responses to “FORWARD With Obama…

  • Ben

    Having read and been incredibly impressed with your very articulate and thoughtful handling of the anti-vaccination issue about a year back, I was disappointed to see such a reactionary post here, with some notable untruths. As an example, socialism is an economic system, whereas communism is a political one – while endlessly misconstrued they are not interchangable, nor are they two steps along the same progression. Socialist elements can and do exist in a democracy – public schools, postal services, and in some countries even public health are all examples. Whether or not you thing those services work or are even justified is a different discussion, but nonetheless they have no bearing on the way leaders are appointed and thus no political component – specifically no crossover with communism. Apples and oranges.

    As for your message, do you really want eliminate social services all together? Or maybe more to the point, which social services that Obama supports do you and Romney oppose? I think it’s great you feel an individual mandate to help your community – if more people shared that I’m sure our country would be a much better place, but I don’t know that the government spending a miniscule fraction of it’s budget to – as you say, rescue orphans and feed the hungry – is such a crime.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hello again. Thanks for your feedback. Socialism is BOTH an economic and political system, and it can be considered a transitional stage between capitalism and communism. I know that’s not always taught. However, it is a valid opinion that can be held, and debated. Do I really want to eliminate social services all together? I don’t believe I have ever said that I do. Yes, I do feel an individual mandate to help others privately, but I am not naive enough to believe that enough people do, so that no public relief services should be provided by the government. Nor do I believe that there aren’t some civil services that are best paid for by the government (though not necessarily implemented by the same). I think looking more to the private sector to run public schools and postal services, for example, needs to be explored. The government should absolutely not run healthcare. The government runs the VA and VA is NOT what we want as the only option for healthcare in the United States. We can’t look to Sweden and say, “oh, we should have that here”. Sweden and the U.S. have wholly different challenges to solve. I believe that there SHOULD be short term social relief programs when needed for most, and long term relief programs for a very few. I will say that it bothers me to no end when people sum up wasteful spending as “miniscule”. Millions and billions look like paltry sums when compared to trillions, but when it comes to personal budgets at home, you start with the easy stuff, like the miniscule amount you spend on Starbuck’s. Buy enough miniscule things and they all add up to debt. I don’t like Romney either and will not vigorously defend him or his policies, but Obama himself has said his goal is to fundamentally transform America, and he is doing it through every means possible, and he is changing it in directions that are fundamentally not American…constitutionally that is. I think he is the worst choice for president. If America wants to be fundamentally changed into Obama’s vision, that’s America’s problem. We will get what we deserve. I’m just trying to put a little warning out there saying if socialism is NOT what you want for this country, then you’d best not vote for Obama. It is what we will get.

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