File this under “why you should do your own fact checking”.

I saw some snarky tweet about Romney’s yacht flying the Cayman Islands flag.  The media (Brian Ross of ABC) jumped right on that Richie-Rich-tax-dodging-off-shore-bank-account-money-hiding-flag-flying yacht in a desperate attempt to make Romney look bad on many fronts.

So, because I rarely believe something I read when I read it somewhere for the first time, and because Brian Ross has proven himself to be a maker-up-of-stuff, I got to fact checking.  It took me about 22 seconds to determine two things…

1)  The flag being flown from the yacht is the Bermuda flag, not the Cayman Islands flag


2)  The yacht doesn’t belong to Romney.

What makes the original lie, and the passed on lie as well, all the more terrible, is the kinds of corrections and retractions which have since taken place.  Instead of saying “Good grief, we were so wrong” and apologizing for a lack of journalistic ethics, most put up some sort of “it was fake, but it could easily have been true” apology.  Wow, getting tired of the “fake but true” defense.  I don’t even care all that much for Romney, but c’mon!!!


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