Familial Vocabulary

Every family has its own special vocabulary.  Over the years, words are added that have meaning sometimes only to the family who created them.  Some of my family vocabulary includes “girts” (skirts), “the oceanbath” (the ocean), “whydidyoudothistomes” (needles and pins), and “yogs” (those chemical fireplace logs).

This is the story of how one of our family’s words came into being…..

A few Christmases ago, because he was new to Colorado, I bought my little nephew (he’s not quite so little anymore) a pair of insulated overalls for playing in the snow.

I called them snowveralls.  I thought I made the word up, but I have since found that I am not the original I thought I was!  🙂

When Mitchell opened them up, he was quite excited!  His mother (my sister) asked him “Do you know what those are??”.

He nodded in the affirmative and replied…..”ovaries”.

So, we now call those slickery insulated winter clothing items…..”snovaries”.

True story.


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