Charlomane and Prince Leonard

I obviously don’t know the whole story, but Child Protective Services took the Leonards’ six kids (including one that is still breast feeding) from them because they were living in a storage unit.  No, not an ideal living situation, but it certainly seemed to be a very viable and safe option for this family that has fallen on hard times.  Read the story, watch the video.  See what you think.

If our Child Protective Services worked in the rest of the world, most all children would be taken away from poor, but loving parents…lack of running water in the dwelling seems to be the reason cited for the removal.

Average rural homes in Swaziland

Average “suburban” home in Haiti

My instincts tell me that a horrible injustice has been done to this family and I pray that they are reunited quickly.  I have looked for information online as to how to possibly help this family, but have been unsuccessful.  Perhaps the good people of Houston will rally together and help this family out of their terrible predicament.

I hear lots of stories about people who are down on their luck and have more sadness heaped upon them in the midst of that, but this family has grieved me particularly.  It seems highly indicative of the overall health of this family that none of the children has gotten less than a B in any of their classes despite their unusual living situation.  I think those kids belong with their parents, even if they are living (legally!) in a storage unit.


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2 responses to “Charlomane and Prince Leonard

  • Aaron Pieper

    Learned this from the Alex Jones show today.
    Mr Leonard.
    Bank Of America account 488029678611
    Pass this along and help this family fight the corrupt CPS Mafia.

  • Lou (Linda)

    I’d never heard of Alex Jones. I went and checked out his website. Watched a short video about the Leonards and CPS. For a long time I’ve known about CPS corruption and such, but if what this guy is saying is true, holy cow. I am trying to verify from another source the BOA account info you provided. Thanks for posting. Mr. Jones said that the Leonards have been offered a house, but that CPS is not giving the children back. Am seeing if I can find some confirmation on that as well. This is all quite disturbing. Not surprising. But disturbing. Partly it’s so disturbing because I’m not surprised…

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