I AM NOT LISA WOODEN!!!! (A Minor Lou Rant)

Oh my mercy, but I am tired of hearing her name.

Lisa Wooden is apparently a deadbeat.  She owes somebody some money.  And the sharks are circling ME trying to get it from her.

Shortly after moving to Colorado, I began to receive phone calls from various collection agencies looking for her.  AND for three other people as well:  Richard Wooden (presumably Lisa’s spouse), a Ralph Martinez, and one other guy, apparently not related.  I was rather used to these calls as when I lived in California there was a woman with my same first and last name who lived in my town who was also a deadbeat.  Her bill collectors would actually call me at work, which is illegal, but they tried it anyway.  Her nonsense actually got into my credit history.  I got that mess cleaned up when I bought my house, and I unlisted my phone number.  That seemed to solve my California problem.  When I moved to Colorado, I didn’t bother listing my number in the first place.  I guess the number I was assigned used to belong to these various people.

After informing each of these agencies over and over and over again that I was not, have never been, and never planned to be Lisa Wooden (et al), they would take my number out of their databases.  But eventually these accounts would be sold to other agencies, who would do their own research, and again attach my number to their files.  This happens every six to twelve months.  I’ve even posted on this before.  I get so many of these calls, (and calls from various solicitors and whatevs) that about a year ago, I simply stopped answering my home phone.  I don’t even bother to look and see who is calling anymore when the phone rings.  I check my messages about once every two or four weeks.  Since I hadn’t checked my messages in the past week, I went and did so right now.  Five debt collection messages, some for Lisa, some for Ralph.  Usually the messages are recorded, but most of this batch, were actual live debt collectors.  The messages usually say something along these lines….”This call is for Lisa Wooden.  If you are not Lisa Wooden, do not listen to this message.  Please hang up and call xxx.xxx.xxxx to have your number removed from the call list.  If you continue to listen to this message, you are acknowledging that you are Lisa Wooden…” yadayadayada.  (I guess if I listen, they can come and kill me or something.)

ExCUSE me, but you called ME!  And left a message on MY voice mail.  I think that means I can listen to it if I want.  If you don’t know that you’ve reached who you are trying to reach, then don’t leave personal and private information!  And if you do leave it anyway, don’t tell ME not to listen!  Gutsy, really.

Anyhow, yesterday one of these agencies called my CELL PHONE.  Now I’m peeved.  I think I’ve been pretty tolerant of these constant harassments over the years, but now….they’ve gone too far.  I’m not sure exactly how I am going to solve this problem, but every problem has a solution, and I will find it.

Have any of YOU had this problem?  Have you solved it?  Short of changing my phone numbers, how do I make this stop once and for all????


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4 responses to “I AM NOT LISA WOODEN!!!! (A Minor Lou Rant)

  • lifelovejoyabundant

    YES. Yes, I have. I get calls every once in a while from lawyers and debt collectors asking if I can have this guy call back about a legal matter. All of which are calls to my cell phone, which I’ve had for three years. When I answer I try to explain who I am and am not, and they tell me they’ll take me off the phone list. At first that never worked, but I actually haven’t gotten a call from them in about 9ish months. 🙂

  • Lou (Linda)

    You’re not even old enough to have defaulted on debt! Oy. I hope they don’t ever call you back. I left a pretty stern message at one of the numbers. Will call again to that number to check that they’ve removed my numbers, and then call the rest after the holidays. I’m pretty tired of it. 🙂

  • Bruce Small

    One of the reasons we gave up our home phone. Of course now they try to call us on the FAX number, but that’s a piddly annoyance since they can’t leave a message and they get the screech in their ear.

    ps Getting rid of the home phone also means no barrage of political calls at election time. That’s a win-win-win.

    pps However, I do get frequent calls on my cell phone offering enchanced placement on Google. I’ve taken to telling them the company went bankrupt last year, and that actually stops the calls for several months.

  • Lou (Linda)


    I changed my home phone number message and now it spells out who I am NOT, tells them they can call my cell number if they have it and have legitimate business with me, and informs all would be debt collectors that I am current on all of my financial obligations.

    I still get lots of calls, but very few messages in the past few weeks! And no further calls on my cell.


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