I’m Not a Heroin Addict (But I Need My Methadone!) ~ A Special Lou Rant

Recently, Dan Akerson, the CEO of General Motors, came up with the brilliant idea to “slap a 50-cent or a dollar tax on a gallon of gas.”

Seriously, Dan, what PLANET are you from?????

He APPARENTLY believes that doing this will magically lead to people buying more fuel efficient/electric cars.

Quick lesson for ya, DAN….

The people who are already having a hard time (or impossible time) stretching their budgets to absorb the current price of gasoline are NOT going to be able to go out and buy an expensive fuel efficient or electric car simply because the cost of gas goes up even more.

The people who CAN afford to buy a new fuel efficient or electric car probably already have done so and/OR THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT THE COST OF GASOLINE ANYWAY!  What does it matter if gas goes up a buck a gallon?  They can still pay the bills.

Doing something like this would only hurt those who are already hurting and you’re just, well, stupid, if you think this would actually be a positive move for Americans.  I don’t generally call people stupid, but this qualifies you, DAN, for the title.

Just sayin’.

P.S.  Where I live, electricity doesn’t just come from a nice clean outlet in my house, it comes from COAL, a carbon based energy source.  What’s the difference between burning coal or burning gas?  It’s a shell game, people.  It’s aaaaalll an illusion that some are selling, some are buying, and most are having crammed down their throats.

P.P.S.  The batteries in electric cars are lithium.  Where does lithium come from?  Well, there’s a single mine producing it in the United States, but the lithium extracted there is a small proprietary amount.  The U.S. reserves are small, and in decline.  Most lithium is found in Chile, Bolivia, China, and AFGHANISTAN (these Afghanistan deposits were fairly recently discovered and have not yet started to be mined).  Sooooo, we are being told to give up our addiction to foreign oil.  For what?  We’re gonna trade it for an addiction to foreign lithium (only the part about the foreign lithium is a secret).  It’s like the addict who gets off heroin by taking methadone, but then never gets off the methadone.  Now, since Bush was accused of invading Iraq for its oil, then I am going to feel free to accuse Obama of invading Afghanistan for its lithium, since access to a source for it fits nicely into his energy policy.  This may or may not be true.  But it’s certainly something to think about.  We are on the brink of jumping from the energy frying pan into the fire, and we’re doing it for no good reason at all.  Even if we find a massive new source of lithium in our country, any attempts to mine it would probably be blocked by the EPA, unions, the ACLU, and a thousand environmental groups of one ilk or another.  Come on, you know it’s true.  We’ll be importing all the lithium we use, and we’ll be importing it from some unsavory sources.

Why on EARTH are we not exploiting the rich petroleum reserves we have in our own country instead of playing these games??????  In theory it would be really nice if we could derive all of our energy needs from the sun, and the wind, and the waves.  But that is far in the future.  In the meantime, before America ends up on the trash heap of history, we should use what God and the earth placed under our feet.  At least we have oil here…what we DON’T have is a viable lithium reserve.




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