Top of the World

Day 15

Ya Pas De Probleme Hotel, Mopti, Mali, Second Stay

When asked what kind of music they listen to, you know how people often will answer “I listen to ALL kinds of music.”?  But then they really don’t?  Well, Abner actually does.  Abner is a Filipino-American who moved to the states as a teenager.  He’s in his late 20’s.  I had more surprises scrolling through the music playlists on his iPod!  I needn’t list the genres as they’re all pretty much represented there.  On the day we got to enjoy a leisurely day lounging and reading by, and swimming in, the lovely Ya Pas pool, I came across the Carpenters!  I pressed play for “Top of the World”, and Abner told me he was juuust thinking about listening to this very song.  I didn’t exactly believe him, but he knew more of the lyrics to the songs than I did…just like he knew all the lyrics to allll of his music.

We stayed at the Ya Pas when we were in Mopti before going to Timbuktu.  I didn’t find the pool that time around, but did so when we stayed there on the way back through after leaving Timbuktu.  I didn’t have high expectations in what the pool would actually be like.  Much to my absolute delight, the pool was located in a bit of an oasis in a very dusty land!  When I passed through the double sets of curtains into the pool area, I found myself in a walled in area filled with plants, and flowers….

…and a lovely blue tiled pool.  A pool that smelled of chlorine…which means it would be safe to swim in!

In a place where the color palette is largely made up of lovely dusty tans, browns, sands, yellows, and grays, the pool was a sparkling topaz hidden away behind mud walls and in the shadow of bougainvillea…

Ahhhhh….la piscine…..

Abner’s leap…..

…..and of course, our feet!

We’d just returned from our time in Timbuktu and were still in that “did we really just do that?” place when we spent our day poolside.  I think that this day, on the tail of those days, simply added more to the unrealistic nature of our journey!

Listening to Abner’s great music, in this oasis of a place, after having had one of the coolest experiences of my life…Well…I was on the top of the world!


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2 responses to “Top of the World

  • wonderlandhwy

    Wow, plumerias even…. I actually really like the Carpenters. My favorite song is “We’ve Only Just Begun”. I bet that dip in the pool was wonderful… Oasis status! 🙂

  • Lou (Linda)

    Plumerias? Is that what those are? We were wondering! Thanks for the I.D. Oh, yes, that pool was like a mirage, and so cool and wonderful after all the hot and sweaty days we’d been adventuring.

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