Reason #427 Why Men Are Awesome

And on a completely different non-African adventure subject….

When I had the broken stereo in my car replace a few months ago, the broken old one had a CD stuck in it that I just couldn’t get out.  But it was an INXS CD, and I wanted it.  So I held on to the radio in hopes I could find help to get it out.

About two weeks ago the screw-on lid to my flour canister got stuck on the jar as it jumped its threads.  I could not get it off.  I had a few visitors to my house try, and they (all females) failed as well.

When I returned from my trip to Africa, my front passenger car door’s leading edge rubbed on the front fender in one little spot every time the door opened and shut…like the fender got pushed in.  The paint had been rubbed off and it needed to be fixed before the damage got worse.  I was loathe to take it to a mechanic as I know they would have charged me too much to do something totally easy.

These three things were things that I knew were an easy fix, and despite my relatively good skills at managing my own “problems”, I was stumped on each of them.  And I needed my flour!!!  🙂

This past weekend I went to the house of some friends for their garage sale.  I had a small pile of things to sell, but not enough stuff to have my own garage sale.  And, since I wanted to hang out with them, I went over and joined their sale.

One of those friends is James.  He fixes stuff.  Although it would mean admitting I was weak and inadequate, :-), I grabbed my radio and my flour jar and stuck them in my car.

I handed the jar to James and he had the lid off in about one and a half seconds.

He had the CD out of the stereo in about 15 seconds.

He had the fender fixed in about two minutes.

Men are awesome.  James especially so!

Thanks, Stephanie, for letting me borrow your husband to do my pitiful little chores!


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2 responses to “Reason #427 Why Men Are Awesome

  • wonderlandhwy

    I’ve come to the realization (finally) that there are just some things that are a man’s job. Mainly because I can’t complete the job no matter how hard I try. Now, I just call upon Mr Amazing, that is, after he is all buttered up by me and in a position where he can’t say no. 🙂

  • Lou (Linda)

    True true! Like with you, there are just some things that are simply beyond my capabilities. Way to get what you need from your Mr. Amazing! He probably loves doing it…but lets you butter him up cuz he LOVES that too!!!!

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