15 Spices

Day 11

Shortly after our arrival in Timbuktu and getting settled in at the Sahara Passion, we were invited out into the courtyard for dinner.

As I scooped up small amounts of seasoned rice and bits of meat out of the communal bowl with my right hand, compressed and rolled it into balls and popped them into my mouth, I was only slightly taken aback by the somewhat gritty feel and crunchiness of the food as I chewed it.  No one else seemed to either notice or mind the sensation, so I continued to eat the food as they did.  It was, afterall, very delicious and flavorful!

It was after we were finished eating that the mystery of the gritty was solved.

I learned that there’s a saying in Timbuktu……….

Timbuktu is the land of 15 spices………and the 15th is sand.



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