Just a Few Days? Or Just a Few Shirts?

As I continue to post pictures here from my trip to West Africa, you might notice that I am frequently in the same clothes.

That’s cuz I didn’t take very many.

Everything I took had to fit into a not very big backpack and a small satchel.  I was amazed at how well we did with our packing.  We did a final pack out the night before we left to make sure we were being as smart as possible with what we were taking as we’d be dragging it all around Africa.  I did well, but I could have been even smarter…I left stuff at various locations along the way…socks I wasn’t going to need, a shirt that got stained and stretched out, underwear I simply didn’t feel like washing…  🙂  Doing so freed up a wee bit of space for a small souvenir or two.

The purple shirt washed easily, dried fairly quickly, didn’t show dirt and didn’t show stains.  It was an obvious favorite.  I also had a big floral shirt which covered me more, rinsed out and dried super fast, and totally hid anything I might have gotten on it. It was especially good for those long day and night bus trips.  So, if it looks like I was only there for a few days, it was just that I only had a few shirts!  🙂

In the purple shirt at the Cape Coast Castle

In the floral shirt for travel...made it to Mopti, finally, after 17 1/2 hours...not our longest bus trip, but a very interesting one! That, however, is another post. 🙂

It was the least amount of clothes I’ve ever taken on a long trip.  Even so, Abner put me to shame with what he brought, or rather, what he didn’t bring.  I’m hoping I get the chance to take even less on another trip one day!


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2 responses to “Just a Few Days? Or Just a Few Shirts?

  • wonderlandhwy

    I’m a firm believer in as little, comfortable and as practical as possible when it comes to traveling. Too much stuff can be overwhelming. Currently, I am on a mission to get rid of as many material possessions as possible. Less to maintain! 🙂

    I know one thing your buddy Abner didn’t pack, a razor! 😉

  • Lou (Linda)

    Good for you! Possessions can be a millstone around one’s neck!

    And crazy enough, you’re wrong about the razor! He brought one (a rechargeable) that he used once in Senegal, and then never again!

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