One Day Without Shoes

April 5, 2011 was “One Day Without Shoes” day.

The basic premise is to go without shoes for a day so that you can have a sense of what it’s like for so many millions who go without shoes everyday.  Many of those people live in Africa.

I was in West Africa on April 5th.  It turned out to be a travel day when we would be leaving Burkina Faso and heading to Ghana.

The sad irony of that is that it was literally wayyyyyyyyy too dangerous for me to even attempt to go without shoes on that day…

What WOULD I have done that day had I no shoes??


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2 responses to “One Day Without Shoes

  • wonderlandhwy

    Some people have tough and strong feet. However, feet need protection. I would use anything available or that I could find, leaves, cloth, mud, animal hide… I would try it all.

    Did you observe/learn of any good ways that people do protect their feet without shoes though? Surely, there must be methods…

  • Lou (Linda)

    Because we were in an urban area, pretty much everyone has shoes. I did see a number of people using shoes cut out of plastic containers. In other places I’ve bee where people don’t have shoes, they simply don’t wear shoes. The tar roads are the ones that get too hot to walk on, so the more remote areas you can still go barefoot when it gets hot (not safe from injury and disease though). In Zambia when I was there it was very cold at night and in the mornings, and my feet were freezing cold with two pairs of socks. The kids in the area would come to our campsite while it was still dark and so cold. And without shoes. I don’t know how they could tolerate it.

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