Removed From a Flight!

For the first time in my life today, I was involuntarily removed from a flight!

No no no, not forcibly.  And the story really doesn’t have anything to do with me, BUT there is an interesting story inside the story….

I am (I say am, because as I write this, I am hunkered down on the floor of the airport terminal) in the process of flying home today.  I am flying as a standby passenger.  I got on the first leg of my journey without a problem, and was actually assigned a seat on the second leg as well.  As I settled into my seat, in my head I exclaimed “I am home freeeeeeeee, and I won’t get home too late!”  Woooopieeeee!!!!”

But then the guy sitting next to me started talking…

About his bad day of traveling…

Because he is “unfortunate enough to share a name with the stupidest shoe bomber in history”…

And he has a metal rod in his leg…

So he ALWAYS gets pulled out for his name being flagged and has to have extra screening because of both of those things…

Except HIS middle name is spelled “Lewis”, not “Louis”, so can usually explain things and get on his way…

He just needs to plan further ahead.

He kind of creeped me out.

And then the flight attendant called my name and asked me to come up to the front.  Weird.

It was explained to me that the plane was overloaded and they needed to take weight off.  And it turned out I was part of that weight loss program.

Because of “Shoe Lewis Bomber” (I couldn’t remember what that terrorist’s actual name was), I wasn’t too disappointed.

I will get on the next flight.  So I’ll get home, just a bit later.

Since I couldn’t remember the name of the “shoe bomber”, I Googled it.

His name is Richard Reid.

Richard COLVIN Reid.

I’m glad I’m off that plane.


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