People Are Sick

The dog was so little and looked so odd that it didn’t even register as being a dog until we were right up next to it.

We were driving on the freeway in the fast lane when what looked like a piece of garbage blew into the middle concrete guard wall.  It wasn’t garbage.  We realized that what it was, was a chihuahua type/sized dog with a Funyon bag pulled over its head wandering across the lane.  I felt sick as it bumped its head against the concrete not having any idea where it was going. 

By the time we were able to get off the freeway, turn around, and get back to the spot where we saw the little guy, it had been hit by a car.

I can see how a little dog might get its head stuck in a bag looking for treats, but there’s no way that dog did that AND got itself across four lanes of traffic to the center of the freeway.  Someone put that bag on and dumped the dog.

The local SPCA is visible from that freeway just a half a mile or so from the spot where the dog was killed.

People are sick.


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