Lu Na Cee’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Lu Na Cee (or Lu Na for short) is my little cat.  She failed two homes before I brought her to my home.  She nearly failed my home as well.  My older cat, Mew Ling, had a very hard time adjusting to her.  I gave it a year…things were much better after that year transpired, but now that I’ve had her for a year and a half, things are actually mostly good.  Mew will even play with Lu Na…and Lu Na doesn’t ride her like a circus pony very often any more!  🙂

She’s a Russian Blue mix of some sort, as best as I can figure.  She’s too curious for her own good.  She’s crazy playful.  She is wholly devoted to me and follows me everywhere…she cannot stand to have a closed door between me and her and will whine and scratch if there is one.  Despite liking unfettered access to me, she’s not a lap cat, and she’s not very snuggly.  But she’s adorable.  And she’s always in trouble.

Today was not a very good day for poor little Lu Na.  My brother and his four kids spent the night last night and we had a marathon of watching “Dollhouse”.  Super good, but not the subject of this post!  Avie, his youngest, swore that she’d been hearing Lu Na crying and that she couldn’t find her.  We looked all over the house, but I couldn’t find her either.  Sometimes she hides pretty well, so I wasn’t worried.  But about an hour later and Lu Na still hadn’t shown up, despite my calling for her.  With all those people in the house, and the TV on, and a loud fan on, I barely heard a faint kitty cry.  Yes, that WAS Lu Na that Avie had heard, and the search began.  Where the HECK was the cat????  We narrowed the search to the kitchen area.  It definitely sounded like she was in the garage.  I opened the garage and called her, and every time I called her I heard her cry, but she didn’t come.  Was she in the kitchen?  Where???  I opened all the cabinets, but she didn’t appear.  It sounded like she was in the cabinet over the fridge, but even though her cry got louder when I got up there and opened the door, she didn’t appear…

Seriously????  Was it possible??????  Was she BEHIND the fridge????  The built-in fridge????  It sure sounded like it.  I will admit.  I sort of panicked.  There wasn’t a whole lot of space behind the fridge.  Maybe 3 inches.  I got my niece Alaska to help me and we pulled the fridge out from it’s cabinet…and sure enough, there was my poor dusty kitty…with her claw stuck in the screening on the back of the fridge.  At least while stuck she was able to sit on the ground.  Could have been a lot worse.  Poor little thing.  Just how long had she been stuck back there?  😦

She’d gotten up on to the top of the fridge before:

but I never imagined she could fall down that little crack in the back.  She’s little, but that’s a very tight fit.  I hope she has learned her lesson…at least on this front.

However, the ribbon from a helium balloon Avie brought over is missing…and just about 15 minutes ago I heard one of my cats barfing…it was Lu Na…and she barfed up a 2 inch length of green curling ribbon…I sure hope the other five feet of it aren’t still in her…that could make this THNGVBD stretch into tomorrow…


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