Photo Friday on Sunday – “Animals”

This past Friday’s assignment for Photo Friday was “Animals”.  Posting late.  Better late than never I guess! 

This past January took me to our local zool.  It’s a beautiful zoo by all accounts, where the animals are extremely well cared for and provided beautiful habitats, but still, zoos make me a more than a little bit uncomfortable.  This big fellow especially made me uncomfortable.  He is clearly contemplative.  He is CLEARLY thinking.  While zoos are better than extinction and are great places for learning, I bet this guy hates it in there.  There’s simply not enough enrichment that can be provided to animal like him to make up for being captive.

Not Rodan's Thinker by you.

Please leave a link to your entry in comments if you are playing so we can check out your work! 

Coming up on Photo Friday:

4th September: Author’s choice: The Wisdom of Age  shown in the Face

11th September: Author’s choice: Photo Art (use any photo gadgets you like)

Then a break as “Author” (creator extraordinaire of Photo Friday) is having surgery.  We wish her the best for a good outcome and a quick recovery!



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4 responses to “Photo Friday on Sunday – “Animals”

  • Author

    This is a magnificent photo and I agree he looks contemplative.

    I too have a general dislike of Zoos since they can never provide a natural habitat or life style for animals ~ even though some really do their best to provide good care etc. I much prefer to see animals in their natural environment OR (if they must be in captivity for reasons of their safety or extinction) then I think safari type parks are better ~ where the animals roam in huge enclosures and the human take cover in trucks etc to view them.

    When my son was 3, I took him to a zoo (for his birthday treat) to introduce him to the animals and he wept when he saw them in cages. Out of the mouths of babes …

  • richandmaybeluke

    This is Luke! That’s an awesome picture! Thinkin’ quite hard, ain’t he? 😀

    Zoo make me sad, cause the animals never look excited(for good reason), and they rarely ever do anything. I wish there was some other way of observing exotic animals without traveling……

  • pumpkin1027

    He really looks like he is thinking so hard about something.

    All the gorillas do at our zoo is have staring contests with the visitors…one time one of them slapped the window my cousin was looking through and my cousin about wet her pants. It was so funny!

    By the way, this is Melanie (Spatulahandle) I have a new blog, I had to delete the old one because I was having problems with my ex. M;y animal post from last week is here


    Please give us an update. Thanks

    guess who

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