Clunkers Program a Clunker – My Take

The “highly successful” Cash For Clunkers program is bad for lower income people.

An entire “generation” of good used cars is now lost to the car crusher.  This will drive up the cost of used cars in the near future for people who depend on them because the smaller inventory will lead to higher costs on the cars that do come to the used car market.  Not a good thing for those folks!  But I guess it’ll be a good thing for the sellers of used cars in the future….they’ll get more money for their cars than they would have had the program not existed.

And did you know that those who took advantage of the program will be taxed on the money they got as if it were income?

Yeah, SURPRISE!!!!


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2 responses to “Clunkers Program a Clunker – My Take

  • pumpkin1027

    There is a program or group in New Mexico called Casa Esperanza that takes cars. They pick the vehicle up, it doesn’t matter if it runs or not, They fix them up and sell them and the money they make off of them goes to help pay for cancer treatments. When they pick up the donated car they give you a paper that you can use when you file your taxes to get five hundred dollars back. If Casa Esperanza sells the vehicle for more than five hundred dollars they send you a notice in the mail with the amount that the vehicle sold for. We have donated two of our cars to them, and feel good doing it because my dad, my uncle, two of my aunts, and my grandpa passed away with cancer.

  • Lou (Linda)

    That sounds like an awesome program. I’m going to look for something like that when it’s time for me to say good-bye to my old faithful. You’ve sure suffered lots of cancer losses in your family. I have as well (two grandpas, three uncles, and an aunt) and doing something like that would be very fulfilling I think. They were all lucky that they got good treatment, but there are many that extra need help.

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