Arizona’s Law is an “Open” One and MSNBC’s Law is to “Conceal”

What do you think of this?

Now, while I’m a little nervous about people carrying guns near the president, that’s not the issue here.  Arizona is an “open carry” state when it comes to firearms. 

What bothers me about this brewhaha is that the footage that is shown in this MSNBC clip of a man with an automatic weapon slung over his arm and a handgun strapped to his leg is that they go on and on about white people with guns being a danger to the president, but what they don’t show you is this:




Get the picture?

 Yeah.  That’s the guy in the video.



If you’re gonna show footage of a man open carrying, and then espouse opinions about white people carrying guns and how it’s a danger to the president BECAUSE OF RACE, then you should probably tape a white guy, and not a black one, to use as your shocker video.  Shame on MSNBC for flagrant misreprentation and for lies of ommission.  Exactly WHOSE overtones are racial in this story???


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4 responses to “Arizona’s Law is an “Open” One and MSNBC’s Law is to “Conceal”

  • Holly

    Touche! Nice jab, Lou; you pick on the funny stuff that doesn’t make sense – while I just critize the story at large. Hahaaa…

  • Pat

    your opinion is a shallow and off the mark as your accuracy. Gun nuts rally around paranoids gun nuts.

  • Paul

    He was NOT carrying an automatic weapon. I would urge you to get your facts straight before you critique others’ misrepresentations of things. That rifle is a semi-auto carbine. An automatic weapon would have been an entirely different situation.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hmmmm. I’m not EXACTLY sure what your point is. I, a casual blogger, called a semi-automatic weapon an AUTOMATIC weapon, AND a “professional” news agency called a black guy a white guy and race-baited their viewers in doing so. Sort of not at all the same kind of misrepresentation. Mine was a simple error. There’s was an egregious and purposeful omission of real facts. Also, I’m not sure how it being an automatic weapon would make the story an entirely different situation, but whatev. Thanks for you input.

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