We Americans are now being encouraged to forward e-mails (and the like) which speak out against Obamacare on to the White House.  That’s right folks, the powers that be want us to turn in our friends and family members who happen to have legitimate concerns, and have dared to voice them, over turning over 1/7th of the United States economy to the control of  “the man”.  The government can’t run education well, or the postal service well.  The healthcare programs that government already runs, namely MEDI-CARE, MEDI-CAID, and the VA, are hopelessly awash in inefficiency and drowning in fraud.  And we want to turn ALL of healthcare over to them?  To people who aren’t even going to read the bill that they are voting on?  Really?  I mean REALLY?????  Is it so subversive to want to SCREAM about what a bad idea this is???? 

And if you think I am making this up….click HERE.  This links you to the White House Blog where the address of where to send “fishy” disinformation found in e-mails or at URLs is provided.  Yeah.  You heard me.  Fishy disinformation.  Orwellian language my friends!

Am I willing to give the WH the benefit of the doubt on what I believe the intention behind this snitchy request is?  Not really.  Do I think that they simply want to see what the “misinformation” is that is out there so that they can work hard to educate us in the “facts”.  Not really.  Am I just crazy enough to think that perhaps they are more interested in taking names of those who dare to exert their First Ammendment right and are speaking freely?  Yeah, I guess I am.  And I suppose  some snitch out there will send them a link to my blog…sneyotch.  It reminds me of Russian school children under Stalin being encouraged to tell teachers of unapproved parental behaviors.  Not that I am calling anyone in power a communist or comparing them to Stalinists.  (Not yet anyway).  Just the spectre of of being “turned in” makes a person halt before opening mouth, or tapping keys.  That ain’t right.  It’s abridgement of free speech.  It’s not even all that subtle.

Welcome home Laura Ling and Euna Lee.  May no one ever abridge your freedom of speech again, abroad…or at home.


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3 responses to “Sneyotches

  • richandmaybeluke

    This is Luke!! Hahaha good post! It’s ridiculous what they’re doing and saying nowadays……

  • wonderlandhwy

    I was just discussing this with a good friend of mine… absolutely ridiculous!!!

    Nicely Said! Amazing too that this is a top priority at the moment. As if the white house doesn’t have more important things to do!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Jaw droppingly ridiculous. I guess they really do think we’re all that stupid. Fortunately a lot of us aren’t. 🙂 Unfortunately, we might end up under the bus before we have the chance to jump out of the way!

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