New Link!

I have added PJTV to my “Worthy Websites” in my sidebar.  You can be a paid subscriber, but there’s great free stuff to be had, and that’s what I go there for.

Joe Hicks is one of my favorite contributors, but there’s gobs of great stuff in there that might help us all get our political heads on straight and see things how they actually are, not how we “HOPE” they are.  There’s pure entertainment too, as the site is a “conservative entertainment” site.

Thanks to the Crack Emcee at The Macho Response for turning me on to the site, and to Panda Bear MD for turning me on to The Macho Response.  (The Macho Response can get a little raw at times-so people who might be offended by language and such, and TMI kids, and Luke should maybe stay out-but he’s a great read.  Panda doesn’t get a link cuz he never posts on his blog!)


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