What is YOUR diagnosis??

Sorry about the quality of this picture.  It’s a cell phone snap of an abdominal CT scout film taken recently where I work:

Positive Pregnancy Test by you.

This 22-year old female presented with abdominal pain and bloating of some months duration, recently much worse.

You be the doctor.  Look closely.  What is YOUR diagnosis?  And is there another test that you might have considered doing at some point before sending your patient (this patient) in for a CT scan…


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12 responses to “What is YOUR diagnosis??

  • Stephanie Murrow

    WOW!!! How do you miss that.

    There were/was (I may have missed it, it may have already been aired) a whole show on TLC about people who were pregnant and didn’t know it.


    She’s pregnant… right?

  • Holly

    Um, yeah, I would guess a baby!! Of course, your tag on it and link to your flickr gave it away too. But it’s really fuzzy. I can’t believe not one person tested her for pregnancy!! CRAZY!!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Yeah, I know I gave it away a few times, but I have so few visitors here I didn’t think it would hurt to put the answer right out there. I know, I can’t believe no one tested her either. And then, I asked the girls that work in CT “Did she LOOK pregnant?”. They said “yeah, she did”. So why didn’t they do a pregnancy test? Because the patient checked the box for NO under the question “is there any way you could be pregnant?”, so they just went with that. Zoiks!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Yeppers. She is. Like NINE MONTHS pregnant and no one ever did a pregnancy test on herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

  • Michael

    Next time I go to the dr. I’m checking “female”, putting my weight at 350lbs, height at 5’4″ and mark pregnant and see if anyone notices.


  • wonderlandhwy

    What the heck?! How can you not know that you’re pregnant? Geez, when I went to the doctors due to galbladder pain they must have asked me a million times if I was pregnant. hahaha You would think that an enlarged belly and no menstration for 9 nine months would lead you to some thoughts!

    Talk about denial.

    That is odd that the doctors just went with the boxed checked NO! Unbelievable

  • Lizz

    We always have to test for pregnancy prior to a CT, no matter what they say, or their age, (I think its 12-55 we test them). CT won’t even take them…..

  • richandmaybeluke

    Holy crap!! That’s ridiculous!! 😀 Wait…….doesn’t that hurt the baby? The x-ray?

  • Lou (Linda)

    Yeah, when I was working ER basically it was if you were female and aged “9-90” you got a pregnancy test! Sort of joking, but if that person is biologically potentially capable of maybe being pregnant, they got tested. This was an outpatient CT. And Luke (or is it Richard?), it could hurt the baby if the pregnancy had been earlier. It was just a scout film (which is the equivalence of about a chest X-ray worth of radiation) and the baby is nearly full term, so no, the baby wouldn’t be injured in this case.

  • Author

    Wow! Didn’t the girl herself suspect? I mean didn’t she have even an inkling????

  • richandmaybeluke

    Sorry, it was Luke! Ooooohh! Whew!! I was gettin scared! Hahaha that’s funny! 😛

  • Tall T

    wow that is the craziest thing lol. I know someone else who didn’ suspect until their 8th month. It happens!

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