Photo Friday – “Prohibition”

Todays Photo Friday challenge is “Prohibition”.  We were to share things we are prohibited to do in our own hometowns.  You must check out Jan’s entry at “A Curious State of Affairs” for a mind-boggling collection of prohibitions found within a four minute stroll from her home!

I am only sharing a single photograph.  There is something about a prohibited sign that makes me want to do just what I am told not to do.  A few months ago I was in a nearby park with my nephew and coerced him into my lawlessness!

Lawlessness In The Garden of the Gods by you.

 Enjoy your friday!  I’m off to work!  🙂 

Advance Diary

 Friday 19th June:  Author’s choice –  The Colours of Summer

Friday 26th June: Author’s choice – Looking Down (from a great height perferably – or from an upper window)



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2 responses to “Photo Friday – “Prohibition”

  • Author

    Prohibition signs always make me fwant to break the rules too. I guess deep down inside I must be a rebel!
    Love the pic of your nephew! It made me smile – and reminded me of one I took of my grandson playing ball right in front of a “NO BALL GAMES ALLOWED” sign. I’ll have to dig it out and post it.
    Glad you joined in this week – numbers have dropped off so I’ve been seriously considering stopping this meme …

  • richandmaybeluke

    This is Luke! Haha I do that all the time!! I’m sorry, unless the rocks are hanging over a huge chasm, I believe that they are meant to be climbed! Good stuff!

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