A Bit of Prognostication…

I’m peering into the future.

I’ve been thinking “now, why would Obama REALLY want to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility?”.  I really doubt it has anything to do with some high moral ground upon which he believes he’s standing.  I think he wants to close Gitmo because he wants to eventually close the whole naval base there, pack up, and leave.  Gitmo is just step one.

The United States holds an in perpetuity lease on the property, but I think Obama is planning on vacating the place entirely and tearing up the lease and he’ll probably do it as some big grand gesture while he apologizes for the imperialism and arrogance of his country.  He wants to lift the embargos and reopen all ties with Cuba but Cuba is not just going to say “yeah, sure, come on back and be our friend”.  They’re going to want something, and the base is the something they’ll want.

However, I believe that as part of the “deal”, some of those 30,000 or so acres will be set aside for American “investors” to get first shot at buying.  And those Americans who will be given the first shot will somehow be tied to Obama and the opportunity will be a quid pro quo in some way.

Mark my words.

P.S.  My last bit of prognostication was that Luis Caldera would take the fall for the NYC flyover debacle.  Like I said, no real fallout for the ridiculous stunt except for Luis Caldera being the patsy for it…a puppet on a string…


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2 responses to “A Bit of Prognostication…

  • wonderlandhwy

    Could very well be his plan. However, Gitmo is one thing. I don’t know that Congress or our military would cooperate with packing up and leaving the entire base. But that doesn’t mean anything. The meetings between Fidel and Obama had intentions. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if things did in fact play out similar to what you have suggested.

    It is a real shame that the US did not annex Cuba the few times we had the chance. During the Spanish-American War or with the Roosevelt Corollary, we had a great opportunity. Although, how were we to known then all the drama that would later unravel during the Bay of the Pigs and now in the present. Which brings me to the thought that Obama appears to be another JFK, only worse.

    It makes me sick to think of it. Honest!

  • Lou (Linda)

    It makes me sick, too. The thing is, I feel completely comfortable in developing the wildest scenarios any more. Look at the things that are happening that fifteen years ago would never have seemed plausible, let alone possible. The thing with the military is that they have no power of their own to make policy. If the naval base was to be scrapped there’s nothing they could do about it except follow orders. I mean, unless they staged a coup or something like that, which I don’t see happening. As for congress……their priorities aren’t the priorities of most of America.

    I bet most Cubans wished we would have annexed the island a long time ago, too.

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