Helpful Swine Flu Link

I was forwarded this by my friend, (and office manager of one of my jobs) Holly.  We work in the vaccination world, so we get lots of calls and questions about swine flu.

Thought I’d pass it along to you.  Information is power!

Click HERE.


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3 responses to “Helpful Swine Flu Link

  • christina

    Sooooo Informational! Thanks Mama Lou, you are all I look up to in regards to community health education. 🙂 much more informational than the cdc.

  • Lou (Linda)

    I know! I know!!! Where but here are you gonna get this kind of info???

  • Michael

    Scared the POOP out of me. I can’t sleep at night! I am petitioning WHO for a personal supply of medication and to eradicate all SWINES or at least for them to be relocated to Colorado Springs!

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