Why Socialism Won’t Work In America…

It’s rather simple, really.

Socialism and major socialist programs (like healthcare) won’t work (and haven’t worked) in America simply because most in America have lived much more prosperously than most people in other nations…and because of that, their expectations are higher.

Socialism, even at its best, is a step down from the American dream. 

Europeans have never lived the American dream.  Their expectations reflect that. 

Americans will want capitalism quality from socialism “equality”.

And that just ain’t gonna happen.


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3 responses to “Why Socialism Won’t Work In America…

  • richandmaybeluke

    Wow, that’s amazingly true!! You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize that. =(

    Short and sweet! =)


  • psychonauticalmindbloom

    The cost of your precious American dream is the destruction of everything natural.. Just like Americans to choose excess over whats right. Such an inability to sacrifice anything for the common good of all.

    I really wish Americans were smarter. It seems like all you hear these days from those opposed to healthcare reform is the same old jive about socialized medicine, big gov., and government controlling you healthcare. The funniest part of all this to me is that most Americans cannot even properly describe what socialism is & are unaware that elements of our society are infused with socialism already. Yes, thats right many of our governmental policies are already socialist ideas (and have been for decades). In fact every major modern democracy is basically a mixture of socialist and capitalist ideas. People have no idea how dumb they sound when they talk about how bad socialism is and how they’ll do anything to stop it, yet they all seem to love good ol medicare. You fucking morons, medicare is complete socialism. Your basically saying “we must stop this new socialism from cutting our current socialism”. It really shows how blindly these people will follow their religious/political leaders even when those leaders are only looking to maintain the current situation from which they are benefitting. When you pay money in the form of taxes to your government and recieve a supposed service for it thats socialism.. (hmm sounds familiar) unemployment, medicare, police/fireman, the post office, and every other national service paid for by taxes in a way is socialism. My view is that if we’re going to be paying taxes saving lives seems like something people should be willing to pay for. When Bush was president my tax money was going who knows where while the rich got huge breaks on their taxes. At least under this administration our tax money would help people survive. A huge problem with our culture these days is a mentality that says “I got mine, so fuck you”. It may sound a little corny but people really need to look at humanity as one big family, stop focusing on nothing but personal satisfaction and wealth, and realize that in order to solve our problems its going to take cooperation from all of us. The type of society that the current republicans promote is an ownership society, a society in which the rich are very privelaged because your government would have little power to help the poor. They want to privatize everything & dismantle all governmental programs that help the poor, creating a world in which we all fear our neibors & nobody can afford insurance of any kind, a world in which social security or anything like it doesn’t exist, so you better have done well and saved up money by the time your old or guess what, FUCK YOU. The right has always talked about rewarding hard work & that people should keep what they earn but the end result to that sort of thinking seems to be a world in which nobody helps anyone else and the gap between rich and poor widens dramatically, it would be every man & women for themselves if they had their way. So if your one of the many on the opposition boat stop and think for a moment whether all this is really worth opposing & take a good hard look at the people telling you to oppose it & how they live their lives, because every single member of congress that opposes the health bill has great health insurance. I said in the beginning that I wished the American people were smarter. By the 2008 presidential election we had gotten so far off course as to where the American people wanted to be under the leadership of these corporate henchmen that even an uninformed public like America had enough and said.. I’m going to vote for this guy because he’s smarter than me & something must be done. Ok so now we have this new president, and democratically controlled congress, all we have to do is let them try out their ideas. Isn’t that why we elected them in the first place? because we liked their ideas. So lets give them a shot & see if their policies help us. If they don’t I can assure you that the ownership society crowd will still be around to repeal it if thats what needs to happen in the future. I just don’t want to see this country continue to get tricked time and time again by the power and money of corporate interests & the politicians whose campaigns they finance. Its easy to dissect a comprehensive healthcare bill and find things you don’t like, but as far as I can see the oppositions arguments are pretty trivial. Abortion for instance has always been a sensitive issue, but there is nothing in the legislation that would dramatically change the current status of abortion in this country. Besides abortion the only arguments I hear are fearbased, like death panels(which is false, and frustrating that such a fabrication became such a focal point in the debate), and all these big gov. arguments that are obviously directed at stirring up those confused ass tea baggers. Point being we shouldn’t let these people convince us that these miniscule issues should stop us from helping some 30 million people. Healthcare legislation passing would be a win-win if you ask me, because people that have coverage generally like it but think its getting too expensive, and the more people we get insured the less it will cost for those who already have it. You see a win-win, people without coverage get coverage, and people who already have it save money.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Comments should rarely be longer than the post itself. Too much in this one to even read it. And here I am, two and half years later, and it’s still too much for me to wade through. You will soon see how ObamaCare is not a workable plan. I won’t be saying I told you so then because I can say it now.

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