Photo Friday – “Clocks”

So, this week’s Photo Friday topic is “Clocks”.  I LOVE love love love love timepieces.  I have two clocks in my house that are particular faves.  This one is a “Baby Ben” and it was given to me by my friend Heather many years ago to remind me that some clocks, like friendships, require regular windings and occasional resettings when the time gets off.

 Baby Ben by you.

This second clock was given to me by a patient many years ago.  He made it by hand.  I have been given many lovely gifts over the years by people for whom I have cared.  This is my favorite!

 Awesome Clock by you.

These pictures were taken within minutes of each other…both of the times are wrong!  🙂

And finally, this one is especially for Jan of the blog A Curious State of Affairs, because this is the stupid kind of stuff Americans do!  🙂

Little Bitty Big Ben by you.

 For you players, you know the Mr. Linky drill!

Coming up on Photo Friday:

Friday 10th April: Author’s choice: Easter Celebrations

Friday 17th April: Mrs Nascar’s choice: Statues

Friday 24th: Tall T’s choice: Heritage (something that reminds you of your nationality or your heritage)

Friday 1st May: Tall T’s choice: Future (something that you look forward to in the future, or something that reminds you of the future)

I have not suggested a topic for future Photo Fridays in AGES.  Do you have any ideas of something you might like to see interpreted?  If you do, please share!


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