I Wasn’t Going To Say Anything…

but, okay, I changed my mind…

Obama has given another crappy gift.  This time to the Queen of England.  I was prepared to cut him some slack on the iPod gift.

HOWEVER, I just learned that before giving her the gift, he loaded it up with “footage” of him giving speeches.

This guy is a real narcissist!

And before you start telling me about the gift the queen gave to the Obamas (a picture of her and her husband in a silver frame) and how that must be narcissistic as well, know that this is the gift she gives all visiting dignitaries.  It’s a crappy gift, too, but it’s the same crappy gift for everyone…it’s what she does, and she’s the queen, so whatev.

I almost can’t wait to see what he does next!  When he meets with the “president” of Russia, might I suggest an autographed basketball?  (Yes, Virginia, signed by Obama, not some NBA player.)


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