Leaving…Not On a Jet Plane

I’m outta here folks.  Will be gone for a week.  BUT since I often don’t post for that long, you probably wouldn’t have noticed I was gone anyway!

Won’t be around a computer or cell phone or nada for the week.  Headed out with a group of high schoolers from my church on a (localish) spring break mission trip.

Will catchya when I get back.  Maybe have a story or two to tell with a wee photo here and there.  We’ll just hafta wait and see on that.

Enjoy the first full day of spring today!  Feeling like spring here in Colorado, that’s for sure…but we never really got winter.  That aint right…

Ciao, for now.


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Just a girl from Colorado trying to live life to God's glory with a certain amount of gusto! View all posts by Lou (Linda)

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