You Want The Truth?? Can You Handle The TRUTH??

The truth is, we are in the economic woes that we are in today, NOT because of failed Bush policies, not because of failed Republican policies, but because of THIS:

Now, let’s be intellectually honest, let’s accept the facts.  Bush, McCain, and their “cronies” were telling us that the canaries in the gold mines were DYING and the democrats accused them of being Chicken Littles.

And now, we are poised to light the match that may very well cause the mines to explode because of the bizarre notion that it’s better to do something (ANYTHING), even if it’s the wrong thing, than it is to do nothing.  Or horrors, to do less.

If this country was a patient, brought to the ER because it was dying of a heart attack, it would be MALPRACTICE to treat the patient for multiple gun shot wounds, a head injury, overwhelming sepsis, or worse, all of these things.  It’s NOT right to do just anything.  It’s imperative to do the right thing.  First do no harm.  Too bad politicians aren’t held to a shadow of  the same standards that doctors are.

I need Pepcid.


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