Why Doesn’t Congress Do THIS?

I’m sick over the nearly trillion dollar bill that congress is currently working so hard to try to get passed.

It seems there are lots of items of contention in the bill (duh).  But I imagine that there must be a few things that no one is disputing.  I’m not sure that any economic recovery bill is exactly necessary.  But if we must have one, how’s this for an idea…

Democratic Representative Walt Minnick of Idaho has put together just such a bill.  It has a 174 billion dollar price tag and focuses on infrastructure and tax cuts, two things which apparently everyone is in agreement need to be in the big bloated bills currently being debated. 

Dear Members of the House of Representatives and of the Senate, you can bring the rest of the stuff to the table later.  If you genuinely want to get something done NOW, pass this guy’s bill! 

Figure out how to spend the rest of the trillion later, while those who are getting tax breaks are busy spending their money and putting fuel into our flickering economic fire.  Getting people to spend money is the way to stimulate an economy.  Giving taxpayers their money back gives them more to spend…

Economics 101.


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One response to “Why Doesn’t Congress Do THIS?

  • Michael

    Dang girl, little stirred up!

    I believe any economic stimulus should be bottom up, not top down.

    We would save – good for the economy, spend it good for the economy but ultimately be in the hands of the people affected most by this economic crisis.

    — Michael

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