Hope For The Inabled! I LOVE America!!!


January 21, 2009 at 07:06 pm  

WASHINGTON, DC – Congress is considering sweeping legislation that will provide new benefits for many Americans. The Americans With No Abilities Act (AWNAA) is being hailed as a major legislation by advocates of the millions of Americans who lack any real skills or ambition.

“Roughly 50 percent of Americans do not possess the competence and drive necessary to carve out a meaningful role for themselves in society,” said
Barbara Boxer.  “We can no longer stand by and allow People of Inability to be ridiculed and passed over. With this legislation, employers will no
longer be able to grant special favors to a small group of workers, simply because they do a better job, or have some idea of what they are doing.”

Private sector industries with good records of nondiscrimination against the Inept include retail sales (72%), the airline industry (68%),and home
improvement “warehouse” stores (65%) The DMV also has a great record of hiring Persons of Inability. (63%)

Under the Americans With No Abilities Act, more than 25 million “middle man” positions will be created, with important-sounding titles but little
real responsibility, thus providing an illusory sense of purpose and performance.

Mandatory non-performance-based raises and promotions will be given, to guarantee upward mobility for even the most unremarkable employees. The
legislation provides substantial tax breaks to corporations which maintain a significant level of Persons of Inability in middle positions,
and gives a tax credit to small and medium businesses that agree to hire one clueless worker for every two talented hires.

Finally, the AWNA ACT contains tough new measures to make it more difficult to discriminate against the Nonabled, banning discriminatory
interview questions such as “Do you have any goals for the future?” or “Do you have any skills or experience which relate to this job?”

“As a Nonabled person, I can’t be expected to keep up with people who have something going for them,” said one woman, who lost her position as a
lug-nut twister at the GM plant in Flint , MI due to her lack of notable job skills. “This new law should really help people like me.” With the passage of this bill, she and millions of other untalented citizens can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.


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5 responses to “Hope For The Inabled! I LOVE America!!!

  • Michael

    Amazingly well written legislation, with it’s motive embedded deep within in the American Dream. A sure fire way to get Americans to rise up and produce results in a way like never before. All Americans need to get on board with legislation and call their congress person today!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Agreed. And I have already contacted my legislators and let them know how I stand on this much needed and long overdue correction to the inequities that exist within our society.

  • shawniqua

    Is it April 1st?

  • Lou (Linda)

    Every day is now April 1st! 🙂

  • Author

    Well I’m sure you’re joking – but I’ve seen this happen in the UK to a certain extent. The laws of discrimination are so great that someone’s inability to do their job must not be considered grounds for dismissing them, once they are employed. Instead management have to spend hour after wasted hour trying to hone non-existant skills, train the pathologically untrainable, and support them through out the process. Management usually ends up having a nervous breakdown or promoting the problem to a different department! Such is life!

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