This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of the Sundance Film Festival, started by uber-star Robert Redford at the Sundance Ski Resort, or at least I think that’s how the story goes.

Sundance Rock by you. 

Becky (one of the girls from my Malawi team this past summer who is visiting me) and I are in Utah staying with my mom’s cousin and doing some local Utah stuff.  Like Becky is a snowboarder and brought her equipment.  So we went up to Sundance so that 1) she could spend some times on the slopes, and 2) perhaps we could see some of the beautiful people who are in town for the festival.

I kept saying “Oh look, it’s Ben Affleck”.  Becky’s “Oh look” star of choice was Will Smith.  At some point it stopped being funny and we stopped looking, so when I said “Oh my gosh, that’s Pierce Brosnan who just walked past us!” nobody moved their head one inch to look in the direction I was trying to point in in a surreptitious manner.  I don’t think they believed me!  🙂

Later, in the restuarant where my cousin and I had decided to have lunch, he walked past our table a few times, and sure enough, it was Pierce!  He even smiled at my cousin!  And Becky saw him walking past by the ski lift as well!  Pretty cool, really.

AND then, Becky saw the man himself near the deli counter after she finished snowboarding.  Robert Redford right there, big as life.

Weird to see them out and about like regular people.

I took the picture below with my camera lense swiveled and pointed under my arm without a flash.  Cameras weren’t allowed in the restaurant.  I guess so that their guests aren’t pestered by paparazzi.  But I thought I’d try to get a picture nonetheless.  Can you tell it’s him?

Pierce at Sundance by you.

I’ve met (and cared for as a nurse) lots of pretty darn famous people, but even so, it’s fun to “run into” a face that you’ve only known on the big, or little screen.  He was just walking about like a regular person.  I never saw any one approach him to ask for an autograph or a picture. 

Perhaps tomorrow we will see Ben and Will…

Believe me when I tell you that they won’t get off as easily as Pierce and Robert did!


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2 responses to “StarGazing

  • Linda Hughes

    omigosh!!! I’m so jealous! I can totally tell that it is Pierce~is he as handsome in person? I once, discreetly, followed Mary Tyler Moore through Barney’s in NYC..granted it wasn’t Pierce or Ben..but still a star! It got a little crazy here when George was filming Leatherheads, too! My poor kids! HAVE FUN!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Yeah, very handsome in person. And you stalked MTM??? Ha! That’s awesome! 🙂

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