No More Pharma Swag??? Is It a Good Idea??

I will admit that I love the stuff that pharmaceutical companies give out.  Pens, sticky note pads, T-shirts, magnets, mugs, tote bags, goniometers, penlights, etc.

New voluntary guidelines by some pharmaceutical regulatory agency makes it so that the companies will no longer be dispensing these little goodies.

While I will the miss the goodies myself, I wonder how the swag industry will survive the loss of the 4 billion dollars that big pharma pumps into the novelty business every year.  Really.  It concerns me that in these rough economic times that a whole industry is potentially put at risk because giving away plastic, ceramic, and fabric junk could be perceived as quid pro quo or something.

I think it’s a silly guideline.  It’s one thing to eliminate the giving of expensive gifts to doctors (like trips/vacations) but has a doctor ever truly been manipulated into using a drug by a salesman giving away trinkets to the office staff?

I don’t think so.

It’s another one of those policies, like zero tolerance policies in public schools for weapons, that has gone awry.  There’s a good idea in there at the bottom level, but when a kid shows up at school with a plastic table knife in his lunchbox and all hell breaks loose…or a pharmaceutical rep shows up with a pen that says Sanofi-Pasteur on it and all of the sudden he’s bribing doctors, well, then you lose me on the idea.  The implementation of the good idea becomes a monster that no longer makes sense.


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