“Price Does Not Include Taxes, or Cheese” AND Gas Prices

Do you ever have the radio on and realize that you aren’t really listening when something catches your attention and then you WISHED you’d been paying attention  when you hear that quick and low voiced lawyer generated disclaimer at the end of a commercial that says


That happened to me today.  What sort of specially priced item do you suppose required that disclaimer??  I was laughing!  It’s just so odd!!  I bet I’ll never hear it again either so it will be a mystery forever!  Some lawyer actually got paid to come up with that.  I bet he/she is laughing, too, all the way to the bank!

Also, I think that my question of just how low gas prices can get has finally been answered.  A few days ago the gas at my favorite gas station was $1.32/gal.  Today it was $1.35.  All the stations in town have recently bumped their prices, so I guess it’s over. 

Watching the gas prices tumble was fun while it lasted!


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3 responses to ““Price Does Not Include Taxes, or Cheese” AND Gas Prices

  • Michael

    I would assume this was an add for “Green Bay Packer” fans or people who live in Wisconsin in general.

    Advertisement when something like this… “Attention packer fans! Get you game face on and get authentic packer gear for a limited time only. Wearing the gear makes you look cooler, not just cold.” Warning some games at Lambeau field have been know to be hazardous to your health because it’s freakin’ cold and the hat will not protect your bare chest from sub zero temperatures, be advised this offer does not include taxes or cheese.”

    Then again it could be a add for Mice or Rats!

  • Lindsay

    But… then where will I get my cheese?

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