“Andy Warhol Duck Bathroom”

This was the search criteria entered by some dear reader that brought them to my blog.

Scratching my head! 

I crack up sometimes at 1) the things that people actually search for, and 2) how the search engine decided that my blog fit that criteria!

Andy Warhol I get.  But Duck Bathroom in addition???



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5 responses to ““Andy Warhol Duck Bathroom”

  • Lindsay

    This boggles the mind. In fact, I absolutely could not leave my house (seriously, I need to leave to get to school, heh) until I found out what the title of this post meant. It made my day just that much more awesome. And now I’m tempted to do a Google search for that criteria myself.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Ha! You crack me up!!! I get lots of crazy things like that but this is the one that prompted the post! Google it now, and you’ll probably get this post! 🙂 Hope your day stays awesome!!

  • Michael

    Searching…. Donald Duck – Warhol Kitchen

  • Author

    I’m gonna have tp Google “Andy Wharhol Duck Bathroom” now to see if your blog comes up!

    You’ll never guess! I just did it – and this post was first on the list out of 29,100 responses! LOL!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Ha!!! I love it! I don’t understand how Google (and other search engines) works!! Pretty funny. 🙂

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