The Wind She Is A Blowin’

It’s only gusting at 40 mph, but sitting in my living room it sounds like the shingles are blowing off the roof.

I hope the wind is going to blow in a lovely snowstorm for the weekend…although I hope for a good snow, it could keep me from getting out and finishing my shopping list.

It’s the 18th of December.  Christmas is less than a week away.  I have not only not wrapped, packed, and mailed my gifts for those afar off, but I haven’t even finished shopping for them, let alone for those who live locally.  No Christmas cards this year.  No decorations up either (although I am choosing to not decorate this year because my new kitten has few manners yet and would be chewing on lights, batting ornaments off the tree, maybe trying to climb the tree…I wouldn’t have the time even if I was going to decorate).  Not a single Christmas treat baked.  How on earth did I get so far behind this year?  I thought I was unprepared for Christmas last year, but this year is my personal best at excellent lack of planning!  🙂

I have tomorrow and the weekend and that’s it.  I work the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, all day long!  Now, I am off to try to get the gifts I do have wrapped and ready to go!  I think I’ll have to lock the cats in a room to keep them from “helping”.


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One response to “The Wind She Is A Blowin’

  • Author

    Hoping you managed to get some of your Christmas prepared at the weekend. I’d love to see more photos of the kitties when you get chance …

    Have a wonderful Christmas anyway … prepared or not!

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