Photo Friday – “Winter”

Winter!  My new favorite season since my relocation to Colorado.  Before I decided on Colorado as my new home state, I had visions of the entire state being buried under feet of snow for months on end.  Now, while there is plenty of snow in the mountains, where I live, even though I’m at about 6,000 feet, the snow is only intermittant, and never lasts for more than a few days.  The snow rarely interrupts one’s daily life, though on some days you have to plan ahead and give yourself a little more time to get between points A and B.  And sometimes you need to sweep snow off the car, or shovel a bit of snow in order to get your car out onto the street.  But I will take what I can get, and I love every flake of the stuff.  Winter here is strange.  It was nearly 70 degrees here this past Tuesday.  We had snow two days earlier, and a light snow floated down all day long yesterday!  As I send this to post, it is 11 degrees outside. Who knows what the weekend will bring! 

I posted this picture previously here in another photography meme I did in the past.  It was, and remains, one of my favorite winter pictures that I’ve taken so far.

You can click HERE if you’d like to read the entire original post.

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4 responses to “Photo Friday – “Winter”

  • Author

    Love this photo. It is fabulous.

    It is strange weather isn’t it? Here in Sidmouth, England it is cold today (9 degrees Celcius/ 48 degrees fahrenheit) but bright and sunny. That’s a huge drop you had; 70 one day then 11 today. Amazing.

  • Tall T

    That is an awesome photo of the bicycle! I love it!

  • spatulahandle

    Gee’s, the weather there sounds as unpredictable as it is here in New Mexico. It has been getting up in the mid 60’s here and on thanksgiving we had rain all day long and it was very cold…that why we are called the Land of Enchantment…you never know what to expect here. That photo is very neat, my mom has one similar to it taken a long time ago in our backyard in Albuquerque. I love the way snow picks up on all the details you don’t normally pay attention to.

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